Silkedged Launches Grand Opening of a Mulberry Silk Company in Louisiana

  • PublishedJanuary 31, 2022
Premium mulberry silk pillowcases, sleep masks, face masks, and more for women, perfect for retaining hair moisture and reducing facial outbreaks.

JANUARY 31, 2022 – Silkedged, an innovative premium silk company located about seventy miles from upscale New Orleans will be launching its grand opening in February 2022. The company has used its deeply researched knowledge and expertise in mulberry silk to bring a solution to women who have struggled with hair dryness and breakage and women with skin that is easily prone to irritation and breakouts.

The Silkedged brand transcends beyond self-care and equips women with the luxury of basking daily in the richness of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk has been researched to be the finest and choicest silk on earth. Mulberry silk is organically harvested from silkworms that are specially bred with the glossy-textured, light-green mulberry leaves, hence the name – Mulberry Silk.

Statistics show that silk is superior to any other fabric existing today, no wonder it is highly preferred for its benefits and added luxury. Silk can be much easier on the skin than cotton which causes more friction and draws moisture away from the hair and skin. Dermatologists recommend silk as a natural alternative for sensitive skin types because of its hypoallergenic properties which significantly reduce the chances and frequency of developing breakouts.

Silkedged has provided a leading-edge beauty secret with a unique class of luxury that will seamlessly empower any woman, anywhere, to redefine self-care and preserve their hair and skin health.

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