The Earthling Unlimited Currency System Powered by Earthling – An Unprecedented Magnificent Currency

January 31 14:48 2022

What is EUX?

Modes of Operation

A verified digital file system and technical verifier that operates based on strict software analysis; classified as a high tier coin and coin system only operating based on business rarity, traffic and valuation taken into strict consideration before coin and/or system access is granted.

Physical Coin

Heavy set of unprecedented features from eye sensors, fingerprint scanning, body temperature scanning with magnesium, gold and platinum casing options.


An ultra coded asset regulation software composed of only acceptance systems of appraisal based on extremely strict factors for acceptance into the systems (classified workplace, bank systems, realty, museum groups, high level stock systems, blockchain in peculiar instances and centralized databases).

Classified as a File system and one of a kind group of tokens valued and operating individually only in high tier financial settings with assets at a minimum of 10 figures with distinguished background valuation

Takes into account the influence, market duplicates, market rarity and growth, positive and negative marketability, historical value and many other detailed factors ultimately determining value before granting system access; based on category of the scenario

Ability to function as a security system due to complex security breakdown {Highest tier security coding}

Accessible through EUX Device(s) and software systems

Main System

EUX {Coin}

Base File System

EUXE {File}

World Masterclass Files


WMEI WMEP (dual operating systems)



XEUI Index System

BXI Unlimited Index

Unlimited Series and Super Series require the highest level of verification to access and is the highest form of unique file type and coin. {Tiers surpassing 14, 15 and 16 figures}


Super Coin


Unlimited Coin

SuperCoins and UnlimitedCoins are part of the EUX system and are specifically classified as coins only capable of operating as top level assets beginning at high tier $50 Billion in the SuperToken System and a $100 Billion in the Unlimited Series {tiers surpassing 14, 15, 16 figures}: both super programmed to operate with the highest security and market forensics.

With top tier coin security, from facial and voice recognition to body temperature and fingerprint scanning, the currency is the only on the market to possess these qualities.

The system infused into the coin is the biggest plus; each coin is super programmed to manage and keep track and handle security in any high level system. The system also gives infringement analysis for enthusiasts in need of a credibility check. The software infused operates as a market analyzer, business forensic tool and software regulator in security matters. The hacker proof system is world class. The next level programming is impossible to read without ownership or partnership rights meaning third party hackers simply can’t access the language of the files.

On top of this, is an unbreachable wave of exclusive Earthling Unlimited tiered security systems of seemingly never ending protection.

Made especially for intense business settings and/or systems. Accessible file to all systems; perfect for high tier software (banks, offices, security systems, centralized and decentralized systems, stock systems) using any device especially through EarthlingUnlimited devices and/or device softwares.

The Unlimited Coin operates at the highest level token transferable in and out of the main system in rare instances (ex: stock transfer, capital transfer, highly classified file transfer etc): For software legalities and top tier transactions.

The EUX is the best solution for all currency needs

Stand-Out Features

Physical Coin with inimitable feats

Asset credibility, security and organization

The system nullifies copied work or systems for extra verification and integrity for business. Perfect for rare deeds, lineage charts, high octane business documents, business capital, rarest art pieces, law enforcement, law files of the rarest and/or most important cases can also be stored into the system. Anything worth being protected.

Practical usage for peculiar instances

Art legitimacy verification token specially coded to provide a system for the rarest level sales, physical turned digital art collections and for conducting physical value transfers.

Strict forensic process is required to access system;

Exclusive secure checkout system through the usage of advanced computing. Certificate of digital ownership based on system requirements for extreme levels of verification.

Great defense for common business law practices most specifically in the cases of infringement and intellectual property; the unique system constantly tests markets and analyzes the originality and rarity of a file. An unprecedented feat. The system verification process allows for extra form of credibility in any case.

Emergency non internet transfer of data to a transferable drive through saving on the device and transferring back to a computer through usb port from charger to usb to computer

Internet transfer available through super secure system guided verification through the unique EarthlingUnlimited body temperature and fingerprint analysis checkout.

Locks down software scams in any high level marketplace through forensic means.

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