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Find Christmas fun on Maestri House’s Pre-sale

Find Christmas fun on Maestri House’s Pre-sale

December 22
15:24 2021

Limited Offer of Maestri House’s Pre-sale

There is no doubt that coffee has changed our lifestyle nowadays. Whether on the morning breakfast or tiring afternoon work or under big pressure for study or dashing out after sports to refuel with a latte, it’s hard to imagine a day without it. The caffeine perks it up, and there’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joe. An interesting homemade coffee experience is a fun time with family and friends. Don’t miss such a big deal for pre-sale from Maestri House. The pre-sale of Maestri House’s new product, the world’s first milk frother with temperature and thickness control, has officially started. From Dec. 20, 2021, to Dec. 26, 2021 (EDT) , get an $89.99 barista finesse milk frother for only $0.99 (limited offer).

Only the first 10 customers per day can buy a barista finesse milk frother at $0.99. After the first 10 barista finesse milk frothers at $0.99 are sold out, $89.99 barista finesse milk frothers with 50% off will be the next flash deal of Maestri House milk frother, but it’s also a limited offer, only for 30 customers per day. So, check out the pre-sale on www.maestrihouse.com before the deal goes off.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Get a Cash Reward from Maestri House

What’s more? During this period, customers who buy Maestri House barista finesse milk frother at any price on www.maestrihouse.com can participate online to win cash. It is on a first come first serve basis.

How to Participate to Win Cash from Maestri House During Holiday Season?

1. Upload a video or image of the order on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, tag @MaestriHouse, and like/follow the page.

2. @ 3 friends and collect 50 likes of the post to win $20; @ 3 friends and collect 2000 likes of the post to win $50. 

3. Contact @MaestriHouse on social media with post link or screenshot to redeem the reward. Maestri House will reward via PayPal.

What’s the Secret of Maestri Houses Signature Milk Frother?

For the first time, Maestri House’s signature milk frother that has the world’s first barista finesse provides leading technology solutions that allow people to adjust the temperature and thickness of the milk foam at the same time while other brands can’t do that. Which truly changes the way to enjoy cappuccinos, caffé latte, milkshakes, and hot chocolates at home.

Maestri House’s barista finesse Milk Frother is a sleek and stylish at-home milk frother that will lift the morning vibe to a whole new level. This eye-catching and modern milk frother allows users to set the temperature and density simultaneously, opening up options that never before have been achievable. The variable temperature control offers four options for all coffee moods and preferences, from ordinary temperature to 120°F, 140°F, up to 160°F.

Then with added flair, choose the desired density with the touch of a button. With four choices of milk density to satisfy the mood, or guests’ preferences, from light and fluffy to 30%, to 50%, and finally the thick and creamy 80% foam of a macchiato lover’s dream, there is no try, only perfection.

Who Is Maestri House?

Brand Story

The founders of Maestri House, like many Americans, are passionate lovers of coffee. They soon discovered the joy and craft in making homemade coffee and they found a need for a brand of coffee that caters to coffee lovers like themselves. With many years of experience using various coffee machines, they knew exactly what the problems with existing coffee machines were and wanted to create a brand that caters to coffee enthusiasts who make coffee at home. Maestri House was created to design innovative products that can create a perfect cup at home reliably, without frustration or guesswork.

Brand Meaning

Maestri House is a house of masters. Masters in coffee. Maestri is the word for an artist with passion, superb technique, and skill and there is no doubt that all those excellent qualities must be put into making a cup of coffee. The founders’ deep love for coffee has led them to consider the craft of coffee making at home to be an artist and as a result, the name Maestri House was formed.

Brand Concept

Maestri House commits to innovating products such as the barista finesse milk frother to make it easy for coffee lovers to enjoy a cup of perfectly made coffee in the morning. With an easily made, delicious cup of coffee in the morning, coffee makers can be properly motivated throughout the day. An enjoyable homemade coffee experience leads to more quality time with family, fun with friends, and inner peace. So, make sure to “live in the moment” and make the most out of morning coffees.

Follow @Maestri House Official Social Media

The release time of the new product is currently scheduled for the 27th of December, 2021. To keep up with release dates, latest developments, and all the news from Maestri House, follow on our dedicated social media profiles. Maestri House frequently rewards the loyalty of its customers with regular online specials, competitions, and loyalty rewards. So, make sure to follow our social media accounts to never miss a discount or the excitement of more innovative releases to improve the mornings for coffee lovers.




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