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Johnnie Hayes’ “African Girls” Building Momentum Across Various Platforms and Audiences

Johnnie Hayes’ “African Girls” Building Momentum Across Various Platforms and Audiences

December 22
14:39 2021
Johnnie Hayes’ "African Girls" Building Momentum Across Various Platforms and Audiences

When one first hears the introduction to the song “African Girls,” it’s hard not to play it until the end, then hit repeat a few times. So begins a new chapter for artist Johnnie Hayes as he continues to polish his music and journey toward entertainment stardom. With all that’s happening for the artist, there’s no knowing how much higher he’ll go, but his trajectory is heading in an upward direction. 

Johnnie Hayes is a fresh graduate from New York City who is starting to create serious traction in the music industry. He’s the songwriter, performer, and brains behind tracks like “He Don’t Know,” “Let It Go,” “She Never,” “Tired,” “No Escaping,” and “Wine Pon It.” With his latest single, “African Girls,” he adds yet another stellar track to his discography. Recently, he released a music video for the single, which has slowly been gaining momentum with time. 

Hayes’ musical journey all began when he was seven years old. After attending Harlem School of the Arts, he took all the fundamental lessons he had mastered through the years and began performing for people. He started singing in church choirs, which would become a cornerstone to a life of faith, which he still exemplifies today. What makes the artist special is the way he blends urban lyrics with skilled arrangements. Moreover, Johnnie understands people and writes songs that people can relate to at deeper levels. 

That isn’t to say that Johnnie Hayes’ process has been easy. There have been hurdles along the way, but the artist has persisted in his love for music and the arts. For a season, he was part of a violent gang. But after realizing the error of his ways, he turned a new leaf and returned to a life driven by force to do good in the world. “I have learned to accept failure and turn it around,” shares Johnnie about his journey. “Spirituality has brought me closer to where I want to be. So now, I wish to be an inspiration to everyone around me.” Probably the only thing at par with the young artist’s love for music is his love for people. 

What matters to Johnnie is that he makes a difference in the people around him and those that listen to his tracks. Accordingly, he started Turn Talent Urban Resource Network. The non-profit organization engages at-risk youth in the tri-state area through music, production, songwriting, and other outreaches. Turn Talent Urban Resource Network also holds various workshops for youth who display the talent and potential to create music that would touch other people’s lives.

In addition, Johnnie also led the faith-based humanitarian organization called the Global Environmental Exchange Network, which focuses on creating resources that help unfortunate youth with education, finance, and emotional support. The program currently helps hundreds of children in countries like Ethiopia, India, China, and Thailand.

Johnnie Hayes hopes that his music will inspire more people and encourage others to pursue their dreams no matter how hopeless a situation might seem—a timely message in times such as these where the world recovers from one of the biggest crises in history.

To stay up to date on Johnnie and his musical, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic endeavors, visit his Instagram profile.

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