Introducing SeaTable, a Revolutionary Spreadsheet Solution to Help Improve Productivity by Offering Flexible Ways to Accomplish Tasks

October 19 11:20 2021
SeaTable offers businesses a new way to get things done by ensuring its platform makes provision for more organisation and collaboration with features that will help them increase their productivity level and accomplish tasks, projects, and ideas in record time

It’s a big problem that most solutions out there right now–whether spreadsheets, planning apps, project management software–are just plain weak. They offer limited customisation ability and do not integrate seamlessly with the day-to-day work around tasks, projects, and priorities. Working with numerous tools is always a problem because one can lose data when performing the switch and could impact the overall productivity of the workforce of every business.

On this note, SeaTable has been launched as a new type of spreadsheet tool built from the ground up to help teams plan products, track progress, and collaborate on projects and ideas in real-time. It is a revolutionary spreadsheet solution designed to improve employees’ productivity by offering features for teams looking for new and flexible ways to work on tasks, projects, and ideas.

“The demand for our solution is increasing every day,” affirmed Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger, CEO and Founder of SeaTable GmbH. “We now receive daily requests from all over the world, from public institutions and companies that want to work more efficiently together in a team on ideas, tasks and projects. This makes us incredibly proud. It is important to us to respond to the requirements and needs of our customers with the development of SeaTable in order to offer them the highest possible added value in everyday life.”

With SeaTable, remote teams can easily keep all their data in one system. The robust cloud-based tool doesn’t limit its users to numbers and texts. SeaTable helps users to capture all useful information and stores images, documents, checkboxes, drop-down lists, URLs, emails, and much more. Furthermore, SeaTable offers all the freedom to its users, is designed for success, and can also be operated on-premises.

“It is really great to see how we have grown since our launch in July 2020, especially how rapidly our software solution has developed,” said Philipp Braun, CMO of SeaTable GmbH. “With SeaTable, we are creating a place where people can work more efficiently in a team on a wide range of tasks. It is important to us not to cover only one field, but to make SeaTable a flexible tool that can be used everywhere. We are constantly developing new ideas to turn SeaTable into the European and later the global market leader.”

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About SeaTable

SeaTable is software for collaborative information management. In SeaTable, data of all types can be captured, organised, and analysed. Data entry is done through an intuitive spreadsheet web interface and customisable web forms. More than 20 different column types and filtering, sorting, and grouping functions are available for organising data. In addition to pivot tables and charts as classic evaluation tools, SeaTable offers application-oriented visualisations such as Gantt charts, Kanban, gallery, and map views.

As a collaborative tool, SeaTable also supports data exchange within a team and with third parties in various ways. SeaTable is developed by Seafile Ltd. and exclusively distributed in Europe by SeaTable GmbH. Together with its cloud offering, SeaTable can also be operated on-premises.

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