Pain Management Injections Scottsdale, Phoenix Clinic Launches Interventional Pain Management Therapy

October 19 14:39 2021
Stridewell is a Scottsdale and Phoenix-based clinic that focuses on intervention for patients suffering chronic pain. The technique is also designed to address immediate pain suffered in accidents, such as vehicle accidents.

Stridewell is pleased to announce the launch of interventional pain management treatment therapy for the pain of victims of car accidents and other painful conditions. A simple injection can alleviate severe pain in the aftermath of a car accident. Individuals who have been injured in a vehicle accident and suffer from severe pain can benefit from Interventional Pain Management. An assessment by a specialist helps to determine if the individual is a good candidate for treatment. 

The injections to relieve pain are performed by a highly trained Pain Management Doctor. In many instances, a few simple injections will eliminate or alleviate pain. The first step to finding pain relief is efficiently diagnosing the problem and doing so as quickly as possible. The specialist diagnoses and identifies a personalized plan to get the patient back to enjoying life free of pain. 

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The medical clinic can act as an advocate and advisor to help with any medical questions, getting an appointment scheduled, as well as identifying a treatment plan. Some of the conditions which can be experienced due to an auto accident injury can include concussion, back pain, neck pain due to whiplash, knee or shoulder pain, and other injuries. General pain after a car accident can be helped through the implementation of customized treatment. In addition to pain treatment options, the clinic also offers surgical options should all other treatment options have been exhausted. 

The team of professionals at Stridewell provides a clear diagnosis and a customized treatment plan. Every aspect of the patient’s care is overseen from the initial assessment until improvement is recognized. All of the expertise and resources needed are provided under one roof. The clinic is staffed with highly qualified medical specialists who can provide a same-day diagnosis and a specialized treatment protocol for patients suffering from the pain of an automobile accident. 

About the Company: 

Stridewell is a focused auto accident clinic that serves the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona area. They are an advocate and advisor in diagnosing pain caused by motor vehicle accidents. Here to help the community with treatment and identify exactly what is needed to find the relief people need.

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