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September 18 09:09 2021
Zamani Law is a leading criminal law firm serving the central area in Ontario.

In today’s society, many individuals have been accused of something they did not do. For these people, their life can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes. The team at Zamani Law understands that being falsely accused or arrested for a crime you didn’t commit is a complicated situation to go through. 

Zamani Lawyers work hard to provide each client with personalized legal representation from start to finish. They believe in telling our clients’ stories by using strong communication skills and empathy when speaking with them about their cases. This helps us understand what you need from our team to help you through your legal proceedings.

Zamani Law offers a wide range of criminal defense services for individuals and businesses accused of crimes in Scarborough, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Ontario. Check more on their service at

Their practice areas include:

Assault Criminal Defense

The most common type of assault charge is an “assault causing bodily harm,” which means you threaten or try to hurt someone and cause injury. You may also get charged with “assaulting a peace officer,” telling that you tried to stretch a police officer while they were arresting you or trying to arrest somebody else nearby.

Drug Crimes Defense

Drug crimes are defined as the crime of possessing, producing, importing, exporting, or trafficking in any controlled substance listed in the Controlled Substances Act. There are different types of drug crimes related to possession with the intent to distribute or sell drugs. These types include possession of a drug with intent to deliver, possession with intent to manufacture drugs, manufacturing drugs within 1,000 feet of school grounds, delivery of a drug within 1,000 feet of school grounds.


Fraud can be carried out by individuals, businesses, corporations, cyber hackers, and even political groups. Individuals who are found guilty of fraud may find themselves paying heavy fines or spending years in prison. However, depending on the severity of the crime, there are ways to get out on bail pending trial.

Associated Service

Zamani’s service covers major abuse cases that are not limited to Domestic Offences, Driving Offences, Theft Charges, Drug Offences, Fraud Charges, Fire Arm / Weapons, and Youth Offenders.


Is Zamani Law a Trusted Scarborough and Brampton Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Farid Zamani has provided legal counsel for over 20 years, so clients are in good hands with him. He uses his experience to help his criminal justice clients by creating a tailored plan of action to suit their individual needs. In addition, he is adept at handling various types of matters that can arise during one’s life, which gives him the knowledge necessary to offer customized solutions to individuals throughout the entire process of their case. 

Mr. Zamani has spent vast amounts of time studying law and the intricacies of practice, which means he understands how complicated things can get when dealing with the law on both an individual and communal level. For more information, visit

Why Choose Zamani Law?

The prosecutors at Zamani Law are highly skilled in assessing every client’s individual needs to formulate a customized plan of action that best suits them. In addition, the team at Zamani Law uses their experience to help ensure that all clients are in good hands when dealing with the law on either an individual or communal level. Whether of severe charges, minor charges, or charges relating to youth offenders, Mr. Zaman’s knowledge is enough to create a solution for anyone who comes his way.

Get a free consultation by visiting their website, or dial (647) 697-6954.

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