Isidore Luxury Upholds the Powerful Legacy of Esteemed Hip-Hop Artist DMX, Through the DMX Fragrance Collection

June 09 01:03 2021
Isidore Luxury Upholds the Powerful Legacy of Esteemed Hip-Hop Artist DMX, Through the DMX Fragrance Collection

Luxury is all about class; it is a testament to one’s status as well as confidence. It takes a true luxury brand to bring out that type of finesse within an individual, and thankfully Isidore Luxury is here to make all of that happen. Founder and CEO of Isidore Luxury, Durell Andre Martin, shares his story of success and how he built an empire out of his successful luxury brand.

Growing up, Durell always had the makings of a successful entrepreneur. He was brimming with potential, and people often saw that side of him as he grew older. “I was drawn to become an entrepreneur at a very young age; the freedom to manifest and embrace my dreams by owning a business gave me no limitations on any profit or opportunity,” explained Durell. 

Durell Andre Martin is a man of success, and much of his success has been rooted in his family values. “My wife and children are my greatest inspiration. I will do whatever it takes to see them smile,” said Mr. Martin. His brand, Isidore Luxury, has been booming ever since he established it. Despite the ravaging effects of COVID-19, Durell quickly pivoted his business into reactionary mode, adjusting to the new normal and continuing to give their customers a luxury experience through their fragrances and garments.

Recently, the untimely death of the legendary hip-hop artist DMX has left fans devastated. To honor the passing of a cultural phenomenon, Isidore Luxury continues to uphold DMX’s collection in conjunction with Luxury Pop-up Events and collaborating with various artists. The DMX Fragrance Collection is a product that has been endorsed by the late iconic rapper DMX. The collection holds a special place in Durell Martin’s heart as DMX was a big inspiration to him as well.

Isidore Luxury has been known to become a big part of Black culture as it pushes the boundaries of luxury products tapping into iconic collections from cultural icons of color. The esteemed luxury brand is the first-ever Black-owned fragrance company to hold an NFL, NBA, and Icon Collection paying tribute to legendary celebrities of the same ilk.

Throughout the years, as Durell has continued to grow his brand, he has found a burning passion for creating something that will inspire others. “I plan as a business owner to evolve in every aspect of my life and focus on how products and services will capture the hearts of our culture,” said Durell. 

When asked about what motivated him to start his brand, Durell stated that he wanted to give his children something to inherit by giving them luxury products and images that would live on forever. In the near future, Durell Martin envisions himself building and helping other brands create opportunities and jobs for the community. With a host of high-profile collections under its belt, it’s only a matter of time before Isidore Luxury becomes a household name. 

To know more about the amazing Durell Martin and his esteemed luxury company, make sure to check out Isidore Luxury’s official website.

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