WKM Pow-R-Seal Valve by Cameron for a Tight Mechanical Seal at Energy Products Company

May 04 15:39 2021
The WKM Pow-R-Seal Expanding Gate Valve is a rugged and reliable performer in fluid, gas, steam, & hot water critical services at temperatures that can reach 1000° F.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the WKM Pow-R-Seal Valve in its inventory is one of the finest expanding gate valves in the market. These valves find application in pump station isolation, launchers and receivers, decoking systems, and gathering lines.

This through-conduit parallel expanding gate valve provides a leak proof mechanical seal. With its full-bore design, the valve controls pressure drop and enables the movement of different varieties of scrapers. The stem seal, entirely located in the bonnet, is centralized by bearings and features a nickel-plated standard.

The rigid, cast steel body of this expanding gate valve is not affected by pipeline bending that can prove detrimental to the seat sealing in valves. Metal-to-metal contact between seals enables a tight shutting off while the PTFE seals present on both faces of the valve ensure a very tight seal. Customers can choose all-metal seals for use in high-temperature conditions of up to 1000° F and with leakage rates that meet the API 6D & ISO 5208 standards.

The Single spring-loaded seal (SLS) system yields excellent performance with very little maintenance. This self-adjusting seal does not require any plastic packing for optimum performance. Four distinct sealing bands contribute to the reliability of the seal. The filled PTFE shell has an alloy spring that resists corrosion, making it a good choice for all line media. The SLS system enables the valve to provide uniform loading across different temperatures.

For more information, go to https://www.energyproducts.us/expanding-mainline-gate-valve/

Energy Products Company states that the Pow-R-Seal Gate Valve is a premium through conduit parallel expanding gate valve. The parallel expanding gate design provides a tight mechanical seal which is normally unaffected by pressure variations. The full-bore design has the same pressure drop as an equivalent length of pipe and allows passage of all types of scrapers (pigs). The Pow-R-Seal Gate Valve is designed with positive stops that do not need adjustment. The valve can be repaired while in line (pressure removed and valved drained). The stem is sealed either by Chevron packing or spring-loaded lip seals. In an emergency, plastic packing can be injected into the packing box to affect a temporary seal while the valve is under pressure.

Pow-R-Seal Gate Valves do not depend on a lubricant for a seal in normal operation. However, lubricant and sealants can be injected to promote smooth operation. Seat sealant can also beinjected to affect a seal in an emergency should the seats become damaged by foreign matter.

Seats with all-metal seats are available in special trims. Because of the split gate design, excess body pressure can develop in the valve body cavity. A body cavity thermal relief system is provided to relieve this excess body pressure. Pow-R-Seal Gate Valves are available in sizes, pressure classes, materials and coatings that meet industry requirements. Valves are available with lubrication/packing/drain extensions and stem/yoke tube extensions.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company is the largest distributor of General Twin Seal Double Block & Bleed Valves, WKM Pow-R-Seal Expanding Gate Valves & Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valves serving the petroleum industry. It specializes in oil pipeline operations and gas pipeline operations.

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