Kurt Uhlir is an all-around expert whose valuable insights and opinions he shares through his speaking engagements.

April 28 12:09 2021
It’s difficult to find a mentor who has as much knowledge and experience as Kurt Uhlir. He holds numerous patents in different sectors, collaborated with many companies, and has helped many more to achieve success. Kurt Uhlir is a well-rounded expert who can lend his insights and advice about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and innovation.

Who is Kurt Uhlir? It’s possible to describe Kurt in 3 ways. He is an inventor. He holds 16 patents in different industries and he is known for having invented many disruptive technologies. He is also recognized by many leading publications for having patented technologies used in services like Waze and another check-in/location service. Kurt continues to work with many companies in thinking of innovative techs for the future. Kurt is also an operator, something he has pursued his whole life. He has helped built and run businesses from conception to receiving annual revenue of over $500 million. He has built strong teams in six continents and has been part of an IPO as well as multiple other acquisitions. Finally, Kurt can be described as a marketing leader. He has helped many B2B software companies drive revenue as well as reach more audiences.

The wealth of knowledge and experience that Kurt Uhlir holds has made him an industry expert in many different fields. Once he has accrued enough wisdom, he decided to share his learning with others through speaking engagements. He has spoken to various audiences all across the United States and Europe. He has also presented in important events such as GDC, PPAI, the White House, and private workshops. He offers advice to leaders be it those from start-up companies or established enterprises. Kurt is also a popular commentator and has appeared in many national TV shows as well as publications like Wired, Thrive Global, TechCrunch, and many more.

Kurt continues to offer this time by speaking in companies that he has helped grow. He also speaks in community groups, workshops, and other international conferences, standing in front of thousands of people from around the world imparting his knowledge and expertise through keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars. As a dynamic and charismatic speaker, his audiences are captivated by what Kurt has to teach them. Kurt can also offer assistance when it comes to expert advice on published articles or podcasts, being an entertainment commentator that has appeared in many publications and TV programs. Kurt Uhlir is an excellent choice when it comes to all manners of speaking engagement and clients are guaranteed to leave the event having learned something valuable.

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