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Shimao Wisdom Towers, First Landmark Completed during 2022 Asian Games

Shimao Wisdom Towers, First Landmark Completed during 2022 Asian Games

December 09
13:15 2020

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers are a pair of large-scale urban complexes built by Shimao at the Binjiang Internet of Things Town (IOT) High-tech Zone, with an investment of about 8.8 billion RMB. The complex is composed of 5 parts, including office buildings, private residences, and commercial blocks. The planned floor area is between 500㎡ to 2000㎡.

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers, Smart Assets of the City Skyline

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers are a pair of large-scale urban complex built by Shimao at the Binjiang Internet of Things Town (IOT) High-tech Zone, with an investment of about 8.8 billion RMB. The complex is composed of 5 parts, including office buildings, private residences, and commercial blocks. The planned floor area is between 500㎡ to 2000㎡.


The completion of smart landmarks will craft the new skyline of the Asian Games Era and contribute to the creation of the digital economy

[The First Completed Landmark in the Asian Games Era]

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers are located in the heart of Binjiang. The Binjiang High-tech Zone is a national-level smart industry development area as well as an important element of Hangzhou’s progress towards China’s “First City of Digital Economy”. The Shimao Wisdom Towers will be the venue for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

[The First Landmark in the Internet of Things Town, and the Gateway for Numerous Smart Industry Belts]

In the Internet of Things Town of Binjiang High-tech Zone, there are more than 7,000 companies, including top ranking global tech corporations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, NetEase, Huawei, Hikvision, and Geely.

With the recent development of the town, a skyline landmark was needed. The completion of the Shimao Wisdom Towers not only fill in the blank of the super high-rise buildings in Binjang, but also comes to represent the city with its staggering height of 272 meters. Furthermore, as the headquarters of the Numerous Smart Industry Belts, Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers will also attract elites talent and leading companies from all over the world. By becoming a magnet for top global talent, it will empower the transformation of high-tech industries and promote Hangzhou’s economic development.

[Shimao is Always Visible at the City’s Top]

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers transform their own superior capabilities of smart landmarks into an accelerator for Hangzhou to integrate into the globalization. It not only focuses on its architectural height, but also on the strategic height and significance of the city and its regional industries. It is committed to co-creation: sharing with many enterprises in the region and connecting with the world and the future by representing of the values of our city.

Office Buildings in the Era of Wisdom

[Forward-looking concepts and innovative technology]

In order to meet the office needs of the current urban population and establish an organic connection of “space, people, and equipment”, Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers have pioneered the four pillars of Wisdom Creation Theory: “digital hub, sustainability, interactive platform, and office space”, utilizing the Alibaba 3D BIM visualization system to build a platform for Internet of Things.

[Arrangement of Intelligent Units to Innovate Future Office Spaces]

Embarking on the diversified arrangement of intelligent functional units such as non-inductive access, shared meeting rooms, air quality testing, building personnel behavior testing, combined with Shimao’s customized full lifecycle property management services and the advantage of Shimao Space, Shimao Service has become the leading integrated property management and community service provider. With the advanced interconnection technologies that can maximize environmental comfort and enterprise energy efficiency, Shimao can also provide smart office solutions that have an overall effect better than the sum of their departments.

[Leading the New Trend of the Future Office, Reconstructing the Future Office Imagination]

In the future, Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers will adhere to the development path of office network coverage, platform intensification, application intelligence, simplification of operation, energy saving and environmental protection to provide enterprises and talents with high efficiency, convenience, and healthy office surroundings.

Creating a Benchmark for China’s Smart Buildings

Contributing to the High-Quality Development of China’s Social System

[Intelligent Social Governance System is the Only Way for Development in the New Era]

At present, our country is in the stage of transforming from a traditional social governance system to an intelligent social governance system. Different from the traditional social governance model, the intelligent social governance system is a comprehensive governance system. Its basic connotation is to provide scientific and technological public services. The realization method is to build a multi-party social governance community, and the goal is to promote national governance system construction and improvement.

[A Testament to Shimao’s Experience but also a Response to the Rise of Great Power]

As a 272-meter smart landmark based on over 30 years of landmark forging experience by Shimao, the Shimao Wisdom Towers are a manifestation of Shimao’s place in the development of an intelligent society. At the beginning of project planning, wisdom was the core, and the alliance with partners in the high-tech fields such as Ali and Hikvision was aimed to provide the society with a model of smart building and a landmark worthy of close study.

[Every Step of Shimao is in Sync with the Times]

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers will help China’s economy in many areas, including restructuring, technological innovation and development, and also people’s well-being in countless aspects, thereby enabling high-quality economic development. It will thus enable the whole nation to achieve a new level of quality and efficiency improvement in the field of technology and social governance interaction.

Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers

The future is us. The future is here.

From here, it is obvious that Hangzhou Shimao Wisdom Towers are reshaping the height and renewing the vision of the city through its own architectural achievement, while extending the urban pattern. With a unique international dialogue, it will introduce an innovative communication context between culture, economy, and technology, creating a brand-new interface and starting up a dialogue with the world. 

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