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Jeffery Weatherford Strings Words of Wisdom and Inspires All

Jeffery Weatherford Strings Words of Wisdom and Inspires All

December 09
13:12 2020
Jeffery Weatherford Strings Words of Wisdom and Inspires All

Bruce Garrabrandt once said, “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” In line with this quote, Jeffery Boston Weatherford, a notable children’s book illustrator, musician, businessman, and business coach, is one of the great artists that take every moment as an opportunity to make something beautiful for those around him. 

Jeffery, also known as Jeffery the Artivist, started rapping back in college under his roommates’ influence, who threw bars and freestyle rap as a way to express themselves during their free time. A year passed, talents were honed, and he realized that Hip Hop could be his tool to inspire, motivate, and educate. Jeffery started to spew words that hit differently for every listener, keeping his ideals and goals close to heart. While working on his master’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Howard University, he performed right in the heart of America, Washington, DC, not just once but for 92 consecutive days. 

The exhibition made him the center of attention by the people who saw him in Washington and everyone on the internet. With the power of words stringed together to create a powerful impact in every blow, the poem about police brutality made Jeffery viral in the online world. The performance garnered more than 5 million views, which raised his following to more than 60,000 on all social media platforms. 

Jeffery the Artivist is not a one-hit-wonder. He used his gained recognition to produce something more fruitful, TRiiiBE Worldwide Inc., a global Hip Hop Collective which is an acronym for “The Revolution is Imminent Internationally, Be Extraordinary Worldwide! Worldwide meaning We Offer Respect, Love, and Dignity While Infusing Diversity Everywhere.” Currently, they have members from 48 states and 17 countries, which grow exponentially. 

Along with his vast web of connections, Jeffery birthed The Black Wall Street Initiative. It is a community wherein camaraderie and the common goal to be successful are shared by every member. Imparting knowledge about how to earn money other than being stuck in an office, tied to a 9 to 5 job, is what the initiative is all for, wherein learning how to deal with stocks and foreign exchange is part of their way to help build each other up. 

Despite Jeffery being a busy bee with all his projects, he still values the importance of having that personal touch to improve morale by talking to new members. In the community, no one will be left behind. Every member has the right to over 10,000 business and personal development masterclasses to help them turn the dream of being an entrepreneur into reality. Members could also enjoy the affiliate program to invite like-minded people as if they are part owners and get commissions for it. 

Jeffery’s mind thinks in ways not everyone will understand; the way he named The Black Wall Street Initiative is a strategic way of using branding to create a haven for all races without the fear of being judged. The fight against racism is continuously being battled, and Jeffery plans to do so by honing his skills, wit, and creativity while inspiring others. 

Head on to TRiiiBE Worldwide Inc.’s official site to learn more.

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