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5G spurs industrial upgrading, advancements of Amazon and WIMI in Hologram AR e-commerce applications

5G spurs industrial upgrading, advancements of Amazon and WIMI in Hologram AR e-commerce applications

December 07
23:48 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “5G spurs industrial upgrading, advancements of Amazon and WIMI in Hologram AR e-commerce applications”. After 5G is put into commercial use, 3D shopping has become one of the new technologies most anticipated by the tech industry. Affected by the epidemic, the passenger flow of many offline commercial entities has not returned to normal, and physical businesses are particularly concerned about how to achieve online business through new technologies. The real-world technology behind 3D shopping can upgrade the shopping experience from a flat display to a three-dimensional scene, which is also the mainstream direction of the future development of e-commerce. According to foreign media reports, Amazon recently released an AR (augmented reality) shopping tool, that is, Room Decorator. With this tool, users can see the effect of a set of household items placed in the room.

Previously, Amazon launched AR View, an AR shopping tool in 2017, but it only supports seeing the renderings of a single household item in the room. Compared with AR View, the Room Decorator launched this time can support the placement of multiple commercial furniture products at the same time, allowing users to see a whole set of new product renderings. When the user is not in the room, the Room Decorator can also realize this function by reading the photos of the room. Currently, Room Decorator is only suitable for thousands of furniture items sold on Amazon. When consumers find satisfactory products on Amazon, they can click the “View in your room” button to start using Room Decorator. It is worth noting that the products in Room Decorator can be displayed proportionally, which is convenient for users to refer to their size in real life.

In addition, Room Decorator will also provide consumers with matching suggestions. Users can add the recommended products to the room together, and then, rearrange and combine them as needed. If the user confirms the purchase, he can put the goods into the shopping cart directly from Room Decorator.

WIMI is the world’s leading high-tech company that produces Hologram technology and content. WIMI presents the global exclusive Hologram IP and original cultural content through Hologram virtual technology, and creates a panoramic Hologram merchandise center to create a 360-degree “super-immersive” virtual reality shopping experience for consumers.

WIMI’s commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field theater, performing arts system, commercial publishing system, and advertising display system. Take the Hologram AR application as an example. The Hologram Commodity Center Mall created by WIMI is to clone a Hologram Commodity Center Mall online using a physical shopping mall as a template. Any brand that enters the shopping mall can clone an identical online store on the Hologram Commodity Center Mall. At the same time, the Hologram Commodity Center Mall needs to be able to solve the problem of online and offline data synchronization.

WIMI AR provides you with a powerful end-to-end augmented reality platform, which is dedicated to increasing online sales. For the imagination of future shopping, WIMI uses 3D network augmented reality to create an exciting and eye-catching shopping experience, promotes customer interaction, as well as increases conversion rate and sales. WIMI’s AR solution is available for browsing and can be used in any conventional browser without downloading any special software or applications.

AR shopping can be as close as possible to the offline shopping experience, bringing an immersive real shopping experience. Previously, extensive surveys were conducted on platform users, and data showed that 57% of users are very interested in the application of VR/AR virtual reality technology to shopping. At the same time, big data shows that the more comprehensive the information displayed on the product, the better the decision-making rate of users.

Many technology companies are committed to professional research and development, providing a more intimate experience and a super real-life experience, which enables users to truly feel what is happening in the virtual world. As time went by, since the Hologram technology will become more and more perfect, this kind of experience will become better and better.

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