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Gransee HR Debuts a New Department Helping Small Businesses Navigate Pandemic Laws and Regulations.

Gransee HR Debuts a New Department Helping Small Businesses Navigate Pandemic Laws and Regulations.

November 27
09:12 2020
Gransee HR provides a seamless bridge to labor law compliance and business growth during the current crisis.

NOVEMBER 27, 2020 – Monika Gransee is the founder of Gransee HR, a top HR Management Company in Pennsylvania and now, she has announced that the company had added a Small Business Compliance Department. The department helps small business owners implement new government-mandated pandemic regulations and to successfully navigate related legal challenges.

As the United States is battling another wave of Coronavirus infections, an estimated 70% of small businesses are still out of compliance with pandemic regulations passed last Spring. This is especially troubling given that the number of new infections goes up every day and workers in many organizations do not have access to adequate assistance and resources. In turn, small business owners scramble to provide appropriate response and, as a result, put their companies and their livelihoods at risk.

The Owner of Gransee HR, Monika Gransee, has recognized that there was a huge need for expert advice and compliance guidance for small business owners trying to implement legal mandates and appropriate pandemic-related procedures for their workers. The new Compliance Department at Gransee HR helps employers apply government guidelines and requirements like FFCRA and EFMLA procedures, Covid-specific business policies and OSHA Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plans. The department also helps small business owners legally handle sick leave requests, initiate contact tracing and improve workplace safety protocols.

The Compliance Department is a complementary addition to other Gransee HR services in the area of human resources including employee hiring and management as well as labor law compliance. The need for expert HR guidance has never been more crucial than during a national emergency and novel workplace challenges.

More information can be found at www.granseehr.com

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Monika Gransee, MBA is a Human Resources expert and an Owner of Gransee HR.

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