How Anthony Hyland Breaks the Status Quo With Spoken Word Poetry and Public Speaking

  • PublishedNovember 27, 2020
How Anthony Hyland Breaks the Status Quo With Spoken Word Poetry and Public Speaking

Public speaking is a gift that not everyone carries. It allows people to stand up on stage without fear of messing up and share what they have to say with clarity. Anthony Hyland is among those gifted with public speaking and has been using it to change others’ lives.

Ever since he was young, Anthony Hyland has always had an interest in poetry. For him, it was the only outlet that allowed him to combat all the hurdles, trials, and tribulations he faced as he jumped from one home to another as a child. 

Anthony would later go homeless. During that time, he became a victim of physical assault, leaving him to deal with a great deal of anger. Rather than lashing out and blaming the world, Anthony would turn to poetry as a means of therapy. As he practiced his craft, Anthony entered high school and honed his craft. Eventually, he graduated as valedictorian and received a full-four year scholarship. 

From there, Anthony would earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Voorhees College. While studying, Anthony became the Freshman Class President and later became the Third Vice President of the local NAACP chapter during his sophomore year. Anthony became the President of the Eta Iota chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated for his junior and senior years. 

When he completed college, Anthony wanted to build a career around being a speaker, performer, spoken word artist, and freelance entrepreneur. To do so, he pursued a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Business School Online for Entrepreneurship Essentials. Since then, Anthony Hyland has developed a reputation as Poetic Prophecy and has been performing for more than fifteen years and speaking professionally for six years.

Whether it’s poetry or public speaking, he wants to shake up the status quo and shift people’s mentalities towards many subjects like mental health, depression, abuse of all kinds – domestic violence, physical, slavery; and mentoring. Anthony believes that through eclectic metaphors and powerful prose, anyone can truly change the world one mind at a time. 

Anthony Hyland would set to work by writing The Purpose of Power, an autobiographical sketch of a myriad of experiences that span for more than twenty-five years of his life so far. He writes for people who can’t write for themselves and speaks for those whose voices are silenced or unable to find the right words. Anthony is famed for saying what many wish they could say professionally every day, and he does so in a poetic manner. 

Being a spoken word artist and public speaker has allowed Anthony to headline events as a keynote speaker. However, unlike other artists and speakers, he also serves as the entertainment in those events by bringing a riveting spoken-word piece. Anthony also conducts engaging workshops when he has free time. 

Successful in laying the foundation, Anthony Hyland wants to build a legacy. With his book and on-stage performances, and public speaking, Anthony wants to travel the world and spread empowering messages to multitudes of diverse groups of people in the years to come.

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