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Activist Tru Dabney Inspires Faith and Hope on Viral Media Platform TikTok

Activist Tru Dabney Inspires Faith and Hope on Viral Media Platform TikTok

November 27
08:21 2020
Activist Tru Dabney Inspires Faith and Hope on Viral Media Platform TikTok

Using his platform to be a voice of his generation, Activist and Christian TikTok content creator Tru Dabney is educating his reach of over fifty thousand followers on the importance of politics and the gospel of Jesus.

A political science major at the esteemed American University, Tru Dabney is a conservative activist who has been involved with various conservative youth organizations such as the American University College Republicans and is currently an ambassador for Turning Point USA. This organization aims to identify, educate, train, and organize the youth to promote freedom, free markets, and limited government.

Having centered his efforts towards the youth and minority groups, Tru has made it his mission to have progress be kickstarted for the Black Community. The young activist is hopeful that his activism impacts positive change on the Single Motherhood Rate, the Education System, and Welfare Dependency.

Determined to turn his hopes into a reality, Tru Dabney has jumped on the viral media platform TikTok and is standing tall in his message to the youth. With thousands of followers on the social media application, Tru produces unique content that simplifies the complexities of politics to his audience and kickstarts their journey toward Christianity.

“I have a passion to help people whether that is spiritually or whether it is politically. Many of my political beliefs stem from personal experiences with the issues facing Black America,” Tru states. “I think this gives me a personal connection to the issues that many people do not have.”

With an unfaltering desire for helping, the Christian activist cannot stand still after witnessing and being a part of the struggles that have faced his fellow Americans. “I felt a personal responsibility to take a stand.”

Tru Dabney’s conviction and firm stance on the issues plaguing the youth and minority communities have made him a strong and reliable figure on TikTok. Besides learning the significance and entanglement of politics in their everyday lives, Tru’s followers are also in awe of his content on faith. 

An active member of his church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Director and Pianist of the Youth Choir since his early teens, Christianity has always been an influential element of Tru’s life. As a child, his faith comforted him in dark days, and now, it pushes him to do what he can and inspire Christianity and change in society.

Using TikTok’s platform to amplify the messages of Christianity, Tru has reached thousands of people and has been the first to open the door of Christianity for them. Since his first upload, countless individuals have reached out to the inspirational creative and have revealed that their newfound faith has helped them fight their battles.

Expressing his gratitude and happiness, Tru shares, “when people let me know I have helped them, it provides a push to keep going. Whether it was by introducing them to God or helping them get through their day by giving them hope, this is a major factor of my motivation and it helps let me know that the work that I am doing has a purpose.”

Continuing to realize his purpose at such a young age, Tru stays active in posting enlightening content on Christianity and politics. With his growing reach and passion for encouraging change in the world around him, Tru Dabney hopes to inspire his fellow youth to hold hands with him in his journey towards an equitable, God-fearing society.

Get to know the young mind who is inspiring change all around the world. Learn more about Tru Dabney and check out his content by following the creative on Tiktok and Instagram.

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