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Rehab Clinic Reveals Grief and Loss Therapy is Key to Addiction Recovery

Rehab Clinic Reveals Grief and Loss Therapy is Key to Addiction Recovery

November 26
17:32 2020

A rehab clinic has warned of the dangers of grief and loss to someone recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and urged friends and family to encourage grief and loss therapy.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is encouraging the close network of thosewho are addicted to drugs and alcohol to look out for signs of grief and loss and explaining the dangers linked to these elements of addiction.

A spokesman for the center said: “When it comes to addiction, grief can cause a huge ripple effect through a person’s life that can drive them deeper into their addiction. Grief can be caused by the death of a loved one, but it can also be the loss of a relationship or a job, or an event or experience.

“Grief can be so dangerous. It can change how the body works, affecting the heart, brain and nervous system. It can lead to anxiety and depression. Different people will show different symptoms of grief. They can include anger, self-blame, shock, loneliness, emptiness, guilt and resentfulness.

“There are three types of grief and it is important to identify where people are to be able to help them. There is acute grief where people are in shock, are distressed or sad. Then there is complicated grief, where the feelings won’t go away, and the grief feels unreal and unmanageable. Then finally there is integrated grief, where people learn to cope with the grief and resume their daily activities.

“Because there are different types of grief and people respond so differently to grief, it is really important that every individual is looked after in an individual manner. The circumstances of their grief and the symptoms all need to be managed to suit the individual person, or it just won’t work. This is where we can help. Grief and loss therapy is a key part of addiction rehab. Our team of addiction therapy specialists, psychotherapists and clinical staff will collaborate every day on how to address the grief and loss needs of every single one of our patients.

“In addiction, the brain becomes impaired and this is why grief and loss are magnified and why it is so important to help people deal with them. Our approach means developing a tailormade program of methods and activities that can help to rewire the brain,” he added.

Addiction Rehab clinic offers one on one counselling, psychotherapy, stress management, anger management, music therapy, art therapy, mindfulness using activities like yoga, reiki, walks and journaling, and fitness and nutrition support. The combination of all of these different approaches helps to create an effective treatment plan for patients

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