Aurum Asset Management Exploring Deeper Partnership and Integration with Olsen Capital Commodities within the realm of Gold Distribution

  • PublishedSeptember 25, 2019

Aurum Asset Management is currently exploring deeper partnership and integration in the gold distribution sector with Olsen Capital Commodities, a major component of Olsen Capital, one of the largest family offices in Europe. It is understood that talks between both parties are in advanced stages and that a final agreement is expected to be reached within weeks.

Established in 2012 by an experienced team of professionals, Olsen Capital Commodities is active in the fields of sourcing, financing, transporting and supplying of metals. Its main objective is to create a long-term partnership and a comprehensive material management program to fit the specific needs of the customer, ensuring a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership between both parties.

Mateen Sal Khalid, CEO of Aurum Asset Management, stated that “Aurum Asset Management and Olsen Capital Commodities will be able to complement each other and realize significant synergies through this partnership.”

According to industry analysts, such a partnership would mark a significant step forward for Aurum Asset Management in terms of downstream vertical integration, allowing the company to have a firm foothold in the gold distribution sector in addition to its gold production operations.

Additionally, this move also marks a closer partnership between Aurum Asset Management and Olsen Capital which already holds a stake in the OpenAurum Project. 

The two security tokens issued by Aurum Asset Management, namely the Open Aurum (OA) Token and the Stable Gold (SG) Token which are backed by physical gold assets will be highly beneficial in helping Olsen Capital Commodities integrate blockchain technology into its financing, supply and distribution of gold.

A closer partnership between Aurum Asset Management and Olsen Capital would mean access to funds from some of Europe’s wealthiest families, thereby enabling further expansion and acquisitions of Gold-related assets by Aurum Asset Management.

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