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FENRZ Meets the Needs of Customers and Helps Partners Succeed

FENRZ Meets the Needs of Customers and Helps Partners Succeed

June 21
18:29 2019

Why choose FENRZ? For example, Wahaha, BYD’s equipment suppliers will also choose Suzhou FENRZ Industrial Co., Ltd. as a high-pressure blower supplier, and some equipment suppliers in the textile industry will also choose the FENRZ high-pressure blower, which is durable and of good quality.

The answer given by the FENRZ is to insist on doing the top products, satisfying the needs of customers and helping the partners succeed!

As we all know, high-pressure blowers, whether in technical research or after-sales maintenance, have an important impact on customer experience. Especially in the forefront of technology research and development, only by developing higher quality products can we provide better services to more customers. For example, FENRZ introduced and absorbed Germany’s advanced sub-fluid machinery technology, while using ultra-quiet technology to solve the problem of high-pressure blower noise. It also quotes the FENRZ’s unique shape design patent. It does not imitate Siemens. The curve area has the best heat dissipation and is larger than the linear surface area, which improves the heat dissipation performance. With exquisite craftsmanship, it has created the current value of FENRZ’s blowers.

FENRZ has been working on blowers for 26 years and is the oldest blower supplier in the domestic industry. Maintenance is also a forerunner in the industry, including maintenance reports, maintenance pictures, maintenance suggestions, and precautions for later use. According to R&D personnel of FENRZ: The noise of high-pressure blower has become one of the main noise sources in urban environment, endangering people’s physical and mental health. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to study the generation, transmission and control of high-pressure blowers’ noise. In the study, we found that the noise source of the high-pressure blower is mainly without the external noise source of the external high-pressure blower. On the basis of the technology, it has made innovations and improvements, and applied ultra-quiet technology to solve the noise problem of this high-pressure blower.

When it comes to after-sales maintenance, FENRZ are also praised by many customers. One customer bluntly stated that high-pressure blowers could not fundamentally solve the cause of wear and tear, and many parts could only be scrapped and replaced, which greatly increased production costs and spare parts for inventory, which made the company’s good resource advantages idle and wasted. Therefore, in the after-sales service, it is particularly important. In this respect, FENRZ is very professional and very responsible, which is what customers need.

Nowadays, the country is developing quickly, and many industries are also developing steadily. The use of blowers is constantly increasing, which means that blowers are still very popular, especially the use of centrifugal blowers is increasing. However, issues such as technology upgrades and whether they can be manufactured more intelligently are opportunities and challenges facing the blower industry. And there is only one thing that FENRZ has insisted for many years, to meet the needs of customers and to help the partners succeed!

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