Can Rolex’s New Resale Program and Booming Secondhand Market Coexist?

February 07 02:16 2023

Rolex, the Swiss luxury watch brand, has recently announced a new resale program that aims to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for the sale of secondhand Rolex watches. This move has raised questions about the coexistence of the new resale program and the booming secondhand market.

The Booming Secondhand Market

“The secondhand market for luxury watches, including Rolex, has been growing significantly in recent years. This can be attributed to the increase in demand for vintage watches, as well as the rise in online marketplaces that provide a platform for buying and selling secondhand watches”, says Christian “@genevasealed” Emile, founder of  

“The popularity of the secondhand market has been further fueled by the current economic climate, as more people look for ways to invest and/or enjoy the luxury and prestige that a Rolex watch offers.”

The Coexistence of the Resale Program and the Secondhand Market

Rolex’s new resale program aims to dive into the secondary market providing a platform for the sale of secondhand Rolex watches. Despite the new resale program, the secondhand market for Rolex watches is expected to continue to thrive, whilst current Rolex resale program prices are above 50% the market prices. Many customers still prefer the flexibility and wider range of options that the secondhand market offers. Additionally, the secondhand market often provides more affordable prices then the current resale program. “If anything, Rolex resale program will drive the prices up of the secondary market”, says Christian.


In conclusion, the coexistence of Rolex’s new resale program and the booming secondhand market is possible. Both offer unique advantages, and it is up to the individual customer to decide which option best suits their needs. While the secondhand market offers a wider range of options and more affordable price. Regardless of your choice, the demand for secondhand Rolex watches is expected to continue to grow. Like any purchase, it’s prudent to take time and make sound decisions & we are here to help, watches pictured available at:

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