Unlock the Power of At-Home Pet Care with Affordable Pet Labs, the Vet-Approved Solution for Simple, Flexible, and Reliable Pet Testing

January 16 18:52 2023
Unlock the Power of At-Home Pet Care with Affordable Pet Labs, the Vet-Approved Solution for Simple, Flexible, and Reliable Pet Testing
Affordable Pet Labs is a pet care company that provides at-home diagnostic services, eliminating the need for pet owners to take their furry friends to see technicians and clinics

Founded in September 2019, Affordable Pets Lab is a US-based company that seeks to revolutionize the pet care industry by offering pet owners a convenient and affordable way to get their pets the diagnostic services they need. Affordable Pet Labs is a leading provider of routine blood and fecal testing for pets set to revolutionize the field of veterinary medicine with its affordable, high-quality products and services. Pet owners can now book appointments and have expert technicians at Affordable Pet Labs visit their homes to administer care to their pets.

“We know that taking your pet to the vet can be stressful, both for the pet and the owner,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “That’s why we’re proud to offer a service that allows owners to get the diagnostic services their pets need in the comfort of their own homes. If you are tired of the stress and hassle of taking your pet to the vet for diagnostic services, look no further as we are here to make pet care easier than ever before. With our vet-approved solution, you can now enjoy simple, flexible, and reliable testing for your furry friend, all from the comfort of your own home.”

This is the first time something like this is being done in the United States or anywhere in the world and Affordable Pets Lab is shaking things up in the industry. They offer a wide range of diagnostic services for pets which are divided into two categories: in-home diagnostics and mail-in diagnostics.

For the in-home samples collection, Affordable Pet Labs will send a team of veterinary technicians who will visit the pet in the home of the pet parent to collect samples for diagnostic testing. The second category of diagnostic tests by Affordable Pet Labs involves sending sample collection kits which pet parents can use to collect and submit samples from their pet to Affordable Pet Labs and receive their pets lab results as soon as possible.

“Our team of veterinarians has designed a comprehensive testing system that makes it easy for you to take charge of your pet’s health, no matter where you are,” the spokesperson for the company. “With Affordable Pet Labs, you can protect your pet and your family from harmful parasites by testing twice a year, as recommended by vets. Our Routine Stool Test screens for roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, coccidia, and giardia.”

To learn more about Affordable Pet Labs and its pet diagnostics services, please visit https://affordablepetlabs.com/.

About Affordable Pet Labs

Affordable Pet Labs is a modern approach to Pet Diagnostics that puts pet parents in charge of their pet’s care. The team at Affordable Pet Labs comprises veterinary technicians providing innovative in-home access to diagnostic testing. Their services are convenient, easy, and affordable. Affordable Pet Labs uses nationally respected veterinary reference labs and there are no surprise charges. The pricing is all-inclusive of the test, home visit, and technicians.

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