Remove The Underlying Causes Of Emotional Imbalance That Can Lead To Unnecessary Stress, Anxiety And Depression

January 13 00:39 2023

Corey Jackson is an experienced and passionate practitioner of modern psychology and ancient contemplative (Buddhist) approaches to mental health.

He has dedicated his professional life to finding ways to help people find meaning in their work, personal lives and relationships. His expertise lies in providing emotional balance training, both online and face to face, as well as a signature 12-week online courses aimed at addressing the emotional imbalance that is the underlying cause of unnecessary stress, anxiety, and depression.

Corey’s PhD research into the causes of anxiety, depression, and emotional dysfunction are powered by a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit combined with more than two decades of studying and translating Buddhist philosophy from Tibetan to English.

This combination of scientific understanding and traditional wisdom gives Corey a unique insight into mental health that helps him provide meaningful solutions for his clients.

Corey’s methods are designed to be user-friendly while still making a life-changing impact on stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression. Combining modern psychology with ancient contemplative approaches provides a holistic approach that can yield long-term results if individuals are willing to commit as little as 15 minutes a day.

During this time they will learn ancient, simple meditation techniques designed to prevent emotions taking control combined with a cutting-edge understanding of emotional imbalances that drive stress, anxiety and depression.

Before focusing solely on mental health solutions Corey was a jazz pianist in Toronto Canada, where he first got interested in how to perform under pressure. Some chance meetings led him down the path he now follows which is focused entirely on helping others discover their own power over their mental health in order for them to live life as fully as possible.

Corey’s dedication towards helping his clients make real changes have been noticed far beyond his own local area; he has recently been featured by leading news outlets including the BBC World Service and NPR National Radio Network. His mission is clear: To use experience-based learning models to help people take control of their own emotions so that they can lead fulfilling lives free from unnecessary stress or anxiety.

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