Leading Realtor in Glendale, CA, Shares How to Win The Bidding War

January 12 08:22 2023

California is known for movies, television, wine and big technology. This makes the real estate industry exceptionally competitive when it comes to finding a home. This is even more true in large areas with heavy populations.

Vic Markarian is one of the leading real estate selling agents in Glendale, CA. It is common for clients who are looking to buy a home to miss out on an opportunity simply because they wanted a day to consider their purchase.

“It is common for homes to have multiple offers, and the home owner is able to take the pick of the litter. Those who decide to mull the decision over often find themselves needing to start the entire search process over again. ‘You snooze; you lose’ is very common in real estate,” said Markarian.

Markarian notes faster Realtor agents in Glendale, California learned speed is important. This means finding a listing, the initial viewing and number of offers on a property does make a difference when it comes to a home purchase. The buyer needs to be in a position to make as sweet an offer as possible to the seller.

“A buyer need to be ready to make that offer that a seller cannot refuse,” continued Markarian.

Just recently, Vic’s buyer beat 12 offers and Vic saved buyer $60,000.

The Vic Markarian Group is proud to have been amongst the top Realtors in Glendale, California, for over 30 years with no sign of slowing down. Markarian himself has the highest rated brokerage in Glendale. More information, including available products are on the websites. Visit http://markarianrealty.com/ and https://www.vicmarkarian.com/ to learn more.

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