Flood Services offers ideas for carpet drying to prevent mould, mildew, and bacteria.

December 07 21:27 2022
While wet carpets can dry on their own, it is important to speed up the drying process to prevent damage. Flood Services specializes in drying carpets, and wood floors, structure mould remediation, and sewage cleanup.

A nice, clean, dry, fluffy carpet is a comfort for some and a must-have for others to enjoy warm winters in their homes. Water mishaps happen all the time, but when left damp, mould can grow on the carpets leading to problems that will turn into a nightmare for the owner. Water damage on carpets can be intense and lead to mildew and bacteria that cause respiratory and other health issues.

Flood Services provides carpet cleaning and drying services, among other services. The company shares that addressing any water spills or carpet drying needs is crucial to prevent the resulting damages. Generally, carpets dry on their own within 24 hours in the right temperature and air conditions. The duration is also determined by the carpet’s materials, how wet it is, and its size. If left to dry in unfavorable conditions, the formation of mould, mildew, and bacteria will likely go undetected by the owner. 

Ideas to prevent mould growth on wet carpets

According to Flood Services, there are several guiding principles to help people quickly respond to a wet carpet mishap to prevent it from becoming a long-term problem. The first thing is to act fast. When there is a water spill, it is important to dry it immediately since lingering water will soak through to the pad and could even damage the floors. If it is a small movable carpet, it is important to air dry it; if not possible, get in touch with professional carpet dryers for assistance. The next thing to keep in mind is the carpet pad; most people pat the surface and fibers of the carpet and forget that water may have soaked through to the pad. Padding takes longer to dry and should be replaced if it is already too damaged. 

Flood Services advises people to reduce indoor humidity as it could cause mold growth on carpets even without water spills. Creating air flow helps filter any damp air and prevents bacteria and mould from forming on the carpet.

Flood Services offers professional carpet drying to help owners speed up the drying process for their carpets. It is essential that wet carpets get thoroughly dried using modern carpet cleaning methods that eliminate all traces of mould, bacteria, or mildew. As industry leaders in flood restorations, offering various drying, cleaning, and water damage services, Flood Services understands that carpet cleaning and drying can be stressful, especially for large carpets. The company offers 24/7 services to ensure clients have access to quick carpet drying services.

Flood Services conducts its carpet drying services in various stages to ensure the wet carpet is adequately dried. First, the team performs a thorough inspection to determine whether the carpet is damp or soaked, how big the damage is, and the best course of action. The team then extracts all the excess water from the carpet. After this, Flood Services utilizes fans and dehumidifying equipment to completely dry the carpet, and once it is dry, anti-bacterial sprays are applied to prevent mould growth. “The purpose of each step is to provide a fast movement of air to evaporate the moisture out of the carpet or the underlay.”

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