Discovering Passion and Fulfilling Dreams at Any Age with Claudine Turkman, LouliaPearlJewelry

December 07 21:09 2022
Former stay-at-home mom and passionate artist Claudine Turkman decided to teach herself how to make jewelry. Claudine founded LouliaPearlJewelry in 2012.

LouliaPearlJewelry’s concept is to add a modern twist to traditional jewelry styles, designed with the utmost care and the highest quality of cultured pearls, metals, and fine stones. Claudine Turkman, a mother of three, founded LouliaPearlJewerly in 2012 to modernize classic pearls.

Claudine says it was difficult to pursue her dreams after having been a stay-at-home mom of three children. She wanted to set a good example for her two growing daughters. Claudine returned to school at the age of 40, studying at GEM-A (The Gemological Association of Great Britain.) She received her FGA diploma, making her a certified gemologist.

Claudine encourages everyone, regardless of age, to explore their hidden talents and pursue their dreams.

“As a child, I enjoyed painting landscape canvases, putting together outfits for my father’s clothing store in Beirut, Lebanon, and dabbling in interior design for my friends’ homes.

I was raised in Lebanon during the Civil War. Dreams and goals were evidently at the bottom of my priority list. My parents relocated to Canada with my brother and me during the chaos. (Interestingly, my husband, who fled Lebanon for the same reasons, and I met for the first time in Canada.) I decided to stay at home with my three children after getting married. I put my ambitions again on the back burner! Unfortunately, this is a typical story for many people,” mentions Claudine.

Claudine Turkman always had an eye for beauty and frequently imagined jewelry pieces, but she could never communicate these visions to any jeweler. She decided to teach herself how to make jewelry. As a certified gemologist, Claudine opened her jewelry store in Downtown Montreal, Canada, in 2012 and quickly caught up with the e-commerce era. Her brand has grown in popularity thanks to her online shops on Shopify and Esty. LouliaPearlJewerly is now entirely an e-commerce venture.

Claudine has mastered the art of photography as well as the art of marketing. She manages all her social media platforms daily to stay on top of new trends and keep her brand, LouliaPearlJewerly, young, fresh, and relevant.

“Beautiful pearls, modern cross, love the toggle clasp and the perfect length. I received compliments from the first day I wore the necklace. The excellent quality and quick delivery exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled with my purchase from LouliaPearlJewerly,” states Kristine J, a satisfied customer.

Harnessing a loyal clientele of men and women from all corners of the world, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas, the concept of LouliaPearlJewelry is to bring a modern twist to the traditional styles of jewelry, designed with the utmost care and highest quality of cultured pearls, metals, and fine stones. 

Claudine’s jewelry reflects the depth of her culture, beauty, and passion, thanks to her Lebanese roots and deep love of fashion. Every piece is uniquely designed for her clients.

“When there is a will, there is a way! My e-commerce business allows me to balance my work, family, and creative endeavors. Age has no bounds!  Every woman should go out there, take the initiative and discover her hidden talents,” states Claudine Turkman.

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