Company Launches Wishbones To Help Make Wishes Come True

December 02 14:00 2022
Popular magical wishbone, the True Wish Wishbone, becomes available to the public in response to popular demand from people across the globe.

True Wish Wishbone is now available to the general public after entering an invite-only test phase earlier this year. Previously, the true wish wishbone was only available as part of the true wish coaching program, a transformational coaching program. 

The True Wish Wishbone quickly grew in popularity with law of attraction enthusiasts, new age practitioners, christians and others who ordered the program solely for the wishbone, got fast results with the wishbone and shared their positive experiences with friends and loved ones, resulting in a flood of testimonials and millions of requests for the wishbone.

The decision to officially launch the wishbone is in response to the increasing demand from millions of people to enjoy the experience shared by satisfied users.

“I was struggling finding love for the longest time. I felt like I was cursed. I heard about this True Wish Wishbone and thought it was the craziest idea in the world. I continued to read that if your wish doesn’t come true, you could get your money back. so, I don’t really lose. A couple weeks after I broke my wishbone I had two great guys come my way and I’ve been in a healthy happy relationship since! believe in your wish and it’ll come true. I swear by this.” – Diane. 

Now more than ever science enthusiasts are experimenting with spirituality to find solutions to everyday problems. As the spiritual revolution continues, more people are looking into spiritual practices to manifest their wishes. True Wish Wishbone is “the perfect fusion of science and spirituality.” to help turn wishes into reality. 

“The secret to The True Wish Wishbone’s success is the wishbone’s sacred tree magical property of new beginnings combined with the powerful medium of repetition accompanied with full force emotion which help arouse empowering beliefs, internalizing feelings of the wish fulfilled and directing the flow of focus and positive energy toward manifesting the wish.” said Martine Ashley, spokesperson for true wish wishbone.

“The wishbone guarantee is if it doesn’t help make your wish come true you get your money back so customers have nothing to lose by ordering and giving the true wish wishbone a try” continued Martine Ashley.

True Wish Wishbones are energized wishbones designed to help anyone turn their wishes into reality. True Wish Wishbones are hand-finished and go through a process of consecration before shipping.

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