Ryan Reynolds, CLU, President of Grimes Insurance Agency, pinpoints real estate investing as one of the keys to financial freedom

December 02 12:42 2022

Clarity and control are powerful propellers in personal finance. Because they make you feel confident and capable of making all your “maybe” a reality. Such is the belief of Ryan Reynolds, the owner of one of largest privately held independent insurance agencies in Texas.

Ryan, a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, believes real estate investing can be a powerful wealth-building tool. Ryan himself is living proof that anyone, no matter where they come from, can make it big.

”Anyone can achieve anything financially and I am living proof. I believe the education system in our country is failing our youth by not teaching them the difference between alternative ways to generate income and wealth. Had it not been for great mentors, a lot of discipline, and skills I picked up along the way, I would not have the freedom I enjoy today,” Ryan said.

”I come from a hard working very middle-class family. I went to college as I was told, then I took a corporate job making a decent income. Shortly after, I realized that while I had a good job, I had very little control over my financial future. I knew social security and a 401K were not the American dream, at least not the one I wanted.”

”After taking a loan from my 401K, I began investing in real estate. Within the first year of investing, I had nearly 100 doors making tens of thousands a month all while investing only part-time.” Ryan then took that real estate portfolio and leveraged it to start other businesses, including buying one of the largest privately held insurance agencies in Texas.  Now at 43 years old, he still works, he just works doing what he loves.

As the Principal and President of Grimes Insurance Agency, Ryan has shown his expertise and drive by transforming the 74-year-old company into one of the state’s most elite insurance group.

This quality of what Grimes Insurance Agency offers is aptly exemplified by the rave reviews they have elicited from their clients: ‘Grimes Insurance is great. My previous homeowner’s insurance provider boosted my premiums by 40% this year. Grimes got me a great rate for two properties which weren’t previously insured by Grimes and helped me lower the rate for two existing properties. They did all this on short notice as all four properties’ renewal dates were just a couple weeks out’ a client recently declared.

Ryan’s vision for what’s possible is really what sets him apart from other younger entrepreneurs. He was able to take a portion of his savings and transform his family’s financial outlook for generations to come. When asked how he got started, he replied that he was always very curious then he would dive into subjects like flipping homes or property management type books to learn everything he could. He has always been intrigued by how wealth is created.

He admits failure on a few deals along the way but because he invested so much time in educating himself, he was able to simply learn and move on to the next opportunity. “Practical education is the key to curbing fears and learning enough to be comfortable dipping your toe in the water.”  Ryan continued, “there is so much content out there for people to consume. Podcasts, YouTube, books, etc., you must create time to learn then go execute and get whatever it is that you want.”

Ryan shared that his late Father, a humble millworker would often say ‘income is never the problem’ when he would hear people complain about their financial hardships. Ryan chuckled when remembering his father and then said, “being disciplined is, without question, a necessity when it comes to your personal finances and becoming a multi-millionaire, but most people are going to have to grow their income.” If you educate yourself, find a mentor and learn enough to where you are confident in your ability then go take a risk. Without those things it will be very hard to become financially free.”

Ryan believes becoming a multi-millionaire has nothing to do with your family pedigree, where you went to school, whether you went to college or not, or what you do for a living. It has to do with your mindset, your ability to absorb information and your determination to change the trajectory of your life. If you believe it and are willing to work, it really works for you it, you can achieve it.

While entering what could be a very difficult economy, just remember there are people out there making it big. Whether it’s in insurance, real estate or a side hustle, anyone can accomplish their dreams with some clarity and control.

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