Blossom Cup launches cost-effective and eco-friendly blossom menstrual cups for beginners.

November 16 19:12 2022

Blossom Cups is a menstrual cup-producing company. In the latest development, the company has produced advanced menstrual cups to facilitate women, which come with new features. The recent Blossom Menstrual Cups are made as cost-effective, odor free, and eco-friendly.

The Blossom cup is designed to catch the menstrual flow rather than absorb it. Its shape allows the Blossom Cup to fit snugly and comfortably up against your vaginal walls, below but not touching the cervix. The rim is designed to help create a suction that keeps the Blossom cup in place and collects the client’s menstrual flow inside of it. The small holes around the rim allow air into the cup to help release the suction when they remove the cup making the product the best menstrual cup for beginners.

The menstrual cup has a suitable length that is most compatible with different sizes and shapes, a ridged and flexible stem, larger air holes for more accessible release, and a soft appearance that is, well, feminine and beautiful. Each Menstrual Cup comes with a storage pouch and instruction manual for the client’s use.

The company also has made the removal of cups much easier; clients are required to follow the following steps:

1.      Reach and pinch the base of the cup until the seal releases, then gently guide it out.

2.      Keep the cup vertical until it is out, then dump the contents.

3.     When clients are getting started, it can be helpful to practice in the shower, and some women find it easiest to do their emptying in the shower, mainly since they are more relaxed then.

Consequently, the company focuses on the greater good and strives for female hygiene worldwide. Therefore, with the Blossom Menstrual Cup, they are bringing improvement: Blossom Cup has dedicated a portion of the profits of every cup they sell to supporting feminine hygiene education and kits for women and girls who are less fortunate. The company firmly focuses on its cause, and its Blossom cup is breaking the norms, sharing its resources, and raising confidence in girls worldwide.

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About the Company – Blossoms Cup

The Blossom Menstrual Cups is conceived and run by women for women. The company was founded by two mothers inspired to care for the Earth, and they have the unshakable belief that pure solutions are always the best. They are creating their solution, and that is how Blossom came into being. The founders truly believe the best solutions are always the simplest.

In addition, the Blossom cup has a “potential” life expectancy of up to 10 years. People can learn more about proper care in the company’s instruction manual.

Potential clients must visit the website for further information.

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