Founders of i-LIFT Me Empower People To Get Unstuck To Reverse Frustration and Procrastination

September 18 09:03 2022
In 5 powerful steps learn how to stop procrastinating and overcome frustration

SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 – There is no reason in the world why anyone should feel frustrated and unable to take their life to the next happy level. The i-LIFT Method is designed to make sure that anyone stuck in a rut is empowered with self-worth and can transcend their unhelpful BS so as to experience a sense of coming home. The online i-LIFT Method steps through 5 clear and powerful stages to bust out any limiting mental and emotional spinning people may have been painfully practising for months if not years.

Does any of the following sound familiar?
‘I’ll Be Happy When”It’s alright for them, they’re… rich, smart, confident, successful…’
The courage to start moving towards a desired outcome is there but procrastination is in the way
Fiona Christie and Manu Menard, the founders of the i-LIFT Method recognized them too and feel like they’ve walked a mile in those shoes.

Combining their years of experience in the coaching and healing space, they came together to create one method to shift the stuck-ness that they and many of their clients found themselves in and no matter what they tried, the stuck-ness prevailed. They’ve been there and they’ve now figured out how to get to the other side of the tunnel.

As one of their clients said, “This course has helped me by giving me the skillset to transmute emotions and feelings into the truth I choose to live.”

The carefully crafted process of the i-LIFT Method is absolutely unique as it combines psycho-emotionality with the energy arising out of the quantum field. Merging subconscious work with energetics is the key to unlocking anyone’s inner guidance.

The 5 steps represent the acronym i-LIFT as follows:

Identify my stuck-ness and the feeling behind
What’s my Lie?
Interrupt my lie
Just the Facts
The Truth I choose to be

Anyone at any stage of their life having any tricky blocks or traumas, old or recent, can apply the i-LIFT Method and get unstuck within 30 days. It is quick, punchy and radically effective.

Whether people have issues at the health, wealth or relationship level, they will lift up the roof of their expectations.

“Anyone wanting to save hours and thousands of dollars of therapy just needs to allow themselves to be truthful to themselves. It’s all about authenticity and who they are meant to be,” add Fiona and Manu.

No matter what stuck-ness may cripple people in their tracks, Fiona and Manu are excited to share the i-LIFT Method with them. More information can be found at:

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