Features And Advantages Of Air Cusion Film

September 17 06:03 2022

One Air Cusion Film single tube air column can withstand about 100kg of weightAdvantages of cushioned air cusion film.1. High quality PE+PA film, strong and durable, high airtightness. Protection performance is more guaranteed.2. Basic materials tested by SGS does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with the impermeable, moisture-proof and environmental characteristics, the best choice in this century instead of Polyamide, EPE, pulp.3. Buffered air cusion film using air for inflation before use, the product is designed to fit, so it has the following advantages:(1) Low cost: the cost of air cusion film is very low. People who know something about air cusion film know that the modern process of production are mechanized automation, air cusion film are extremely efficient, and do not need to open the mold, mold trials, mold changes, so you can save a lot of research and development production costs.(2) Save space and more trouble: compared with traditional packaging, air column bag space is very small, and better protection. Most importantly, consumers do not have to worry about the large amount of garbage after getting the goods3) Recyclable: belonging to the recycling standards of category 7.4) Reduce costs: reduce the packaging process, saving manpower, storage costs, pressure is greatly reduced.(5) Logistics solid protection: while also providing long storage and transportation without leakage of air shock protection.(6) Corporate image more perfect: air column bags as a modern and more advanced packaging materials, environmental protection and pollution-free, in transport can be excellent protection of the product, but also to show consumers the image of a company. You know, for environmentally friendly enterprises, consumers have a certain degree of goodwill. Air column inflatable bags comply with the EU ROHS green requirements, while reducing the waste of many resources, so the use of air column bags to enhance the corporate image of the user praise is of great help!Buffered air column bag packaging features.1. The material is non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental problems.2. The production process is all tailored by computer, no need to make molds, fast delivery and low cost.3. Easy packaging, improve protection, save freight, reduce storage space.4. Improve the appearance of product packaging image.5. Automatic air lock after inflation.6. Even if an air column is broken, it will not affect the cushioning protection of the whole air column bag for the product.


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