Swag Kennels Is the One-Stop Shop for Purchasing Distinctive American Bully and Pitbull Puppies Across the United States

September 08 01:30 2022
The organization strives to breed friendly dogs that exceed the customer’s expectations owing to their peculiar traits

Dogs have proven to be reliable companions in the journey of life; standing guard against adversaries, bonding with members of their immediate family, and ultimately bringing unrivaled joy to the lives and homes of many. Individuals or families desiring to acquire dogs and have an experience in this special relationship with this precious animal termed ‘man’s best friend’ are advised to purchase these animals from reputable breeders and kennels.

This is pertinent as key information such as knowing the dog’s parents, predicting the size of the dog, knowing more about their behavior, and having access to vital health records is made possible and can be obtained from its breeders. Swag Kennel is the breeder dedicated to bringing beautiful and well-trained puppies to the doorsteps of their human friends. 

Swag Kennel breeds and delivers various colors and sizes of the American Bully and Pitbull breed of dogs. The premium family dogs usually come in extra and extra-extra-large sizes with colors such as blue, black, white, lilac, champagne, brown, and chocolate to mention a few. The dogs are carefully raised by professional trainers from birth to when they are purchased. A calm, good-natured, and affectionate temperament are some of the endearing traits identified in Swag Kennel pups and so is an excellent fit for a household with children or even adults.  

The American Bully and Pitbull breeds are alert, sturdy, and fearless breeds with an imposing size and structure that serve as a layer of protection to their owners and their immediate families. Furthermore, the organization prioritizes the health of customers and so conducts thorough series of tests on the dogs to ascertain their overall health status and their genetic makeup to avoid transference of zoonotic diseases.

A number of the Swag Kennels puppies have been purchased by renowned celebrities and sportspeople. Some of these include Stephen Jesse Jackson and Maurkice Pouncey. Because of their impact on the pet breeding community, Swag Kennels was recently awarded the number one spot for the high-quality bully bin in the United States. In addition, Swag Kennel is well known for breeding the world-famous two-faced American Bully, named Merle.

On the Swag Kennel website, customers can also customize gold and diamond leashes and chains for their new pups. Customers within the United States do not need to come to the Swag Kennel physical store to pick up their dogs as their pets can be delivered to them for a small fee and with quick delivery.

For more information, please visit www.swagkennels.com

About Swag Kennels

Swag Kennels rears and provides American bully and Pitbull puppies breed of dogs for sale. The organization has made great strides in the dog breeding industry, producing the world’s famous American bully with a split-face phantom.

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