KAiDA SEO Reshapes the Business Landscape with AI-Driven keyword automation Technology

September 07 15:54 2022
KAiDA is revolutionary SEO software powered by innovative artificial intelligence technology. Developed by German IT professors, KAiDA SEO is reshaping the future of search engine optimization.

SEO is among the crucial elements companies and businesses need to remain relevant, reach broader audiences, and grow their brands. However, traditional SEO methods become ineffective whenever Google updates its algorithm, which renders all ongoing SEO efforts of all brands, businesses, and companies unfruitful. 

Mifraneil Digital is a UK-based company that has entered the market bringing a revolutionary approach to SEO – the KAiDA SEO tool, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. 

KAiDA artificial intelligence offers a range of benefits to Mifraneil Digital’s clients, including guarantees that 20 relevant rank-up keywords will reach page one of Google within the first four months, and that clients’ websites will never be penalized by Google for leveraging the KAiDA tool for SEO. 

Michael, Fran, and Neil are the co-founders of the company that has launched the KAiDA SEO software globally. They have imparted that this is a major breakthrough for SMEs across the globe that are spending significant amounts of money on outsourcing subpar quality SEO tools and services, stating the following:

“KAiDA is the world’s first and only technical ranking algorithm software that’s driven by artificial intelligence. KAiDA with its keywords feature alone will rank a website on page one of Google. It will generate atleast  20 top page ranking relevant keywords within its first four months.”

KAiDA SEO for professionals is an automated search engine optimization service designed to streamline the process of locating and communicating relevant keywords toGoogle. Given that Google is constantly updating its algorithm, businesses are losing thousands of dollars on third-party services that need to uncover the changes before rethinking ongoing strategies. 

Mifraneil Digital’s spokesperson imparted that KAiDA SEO ranking software communicates with Google in real-time and was designed to deliver predictable, consistent results at all times, stating the following:

“KAiDA is able to deliver these phenomenal results due to the AI constantly monitoring and reacting to Google’s ever-changing algorithm, and then generating relevant rank-up keywords to improve the website’s ranking. All of this is done live with direct communication to Google. No changes are done to the website by the AI with this feature. KAiDA’s keyword optimization feature does not require humans to monitor and make these changes.” 

By reducing the need for human interference in terms of SEO, KAiDA is offering its clients an opportunity to delegate the heavy lifting required by the search engine optimization process to a sophisticated AI, leaving them with more time to focus on improving other aspects of their businesses. 

The AI can identify thousands of relevant and related keywords for a website and communicate them to Google directly. Those keywords are never added to the on page content by the KAiDA SEO software. 

Mifraneil Digital is auditing websites to ensure its clients are not breaking any Google guidelines and strives to advise potential clients on how to improve their pages and sites. 

The company stated it is achieving significate results far quicker than traditional SEO methods with case studies now available on their website. The team added that their new company website was connected a month ago and is already ranking in parts of the US for a number of relevant, traffic-generating keywords.

More information about KAiDA SEO software is available on Mifraneil Digital’s official website.

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