2022 Electric lifting table industry development prospect analysis

September 06 18:34 2022

How about the price of electric lifting tables?

The price of electric lifting tables is expensive. Its main lifting depends on the electric lifting system, and the quality of the lifting system determines its service life. Because the lifting system is a mature industry, the quality manufacturers with quality generally do not have quality problems.

The lifting table is used in large quantities in Europe and the United States.  Its value is to help the office people say goodbye to sedentary for a long time and realize standing office. The automatic lifting table is generally used as the source of power, and the mechanical device is controlled by the motor to adjust the height of the lifting table. You can also control the height of the lifting table by controlling the air pressure rod or hydraulic rod through the compressor. The lifting tables are often used for learning, office, Internet access, etc. The electric lifting table on the market can not only choose the height of the lifting, but also the length of the desktop, and even customize the color of the desktop. Many lift tables are also equipped with a rational pipe, which can be fixed and hidden.

At present, people’s continuous concern for healthy offices, as young people gradually become the main body of consumption, as the policy is facing the big health industry, no one can say that it will be the next air. Compared with the traditional desk, the electric lifting desk is designed according to the ergonomic engineering, and the linear driver system composed of lifting columns, electrical boxes and hand controller is its important part and core power source. The form of lifting desks, the form of lift is mainly through the height of the desktop to meet the needs of people with different heights, thereby changing the traditional way of working. The electric lifting table can be used to work alternately. The advantage of it is that whether you grow high or short, you can adjust to your most comfortable height. Unlike traditional desks, users can only passively adapt to the height of the table. Therefore, the electric lifting table can prevent the occurrence of spine occupational diseases and can slow the pain of spine diseases. It belongs to the category of life and health products.

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