JASMINER X4-Q has many advantages such as quiet

September 06 14:36 2022

Mining and heating at the same time, with electricity costs cut in half. In this coming coldest winter, European family miners have a new way to heat their homes.

Usually, high power consumption miners in the past were dissipated by exhaust fans, and then the hot air would be exhausted into the air. However, this method is neither reasonable nor environmentally friendly, so JASMINER proposes a new concept of green energy saving by using the heat generated from mining computing operations for home heating, which protects the environment while reducing the burden of heating costs for European homes.

JASMINER X4-Q is the most suitable heating product for European family miners this winter, its hash rate can exceed 1040MH/s, power consumption is only 480W, energy efficiency ratio is extremely strong, as low as 0.46J/MH, and does not produce more than 40db of noise, thermal efficiency can exceed 97%. It is the same size and noise as a home computer host, and it can be placed in any corner of the home to get a small area heating effect, so you can say mining and heating both.

The JASMINER X4-Q is undoubtedly the most competitive product on the market today, thanks to its extremely high energy efficiency ratio, allowing mining operations to generate more revenue than the cost of electricity. Its extremely low shutdown coin price generates far more revenue than the electricity bill it needs to pay, not to mention that it can help save a fortune on heating costs itself! Of course, mining ETC is even more of a promising crypto investment that can help more European miners earn hard currency.

JASMINER X4-Q has many advantages such as quiet, high efficiency, energy saving and heating, but the most important thing for European families is to save a lot of expenses for this coming cold winter, mining and heating at the same time, it is simply two birds with one stone.

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