Deck Contractors and Decking Specialists from Harrisburg Decks Specialize in Residential and Commercial Decks Customized to a Client’s Needs

July 27 17:48 2022
Harrisburg Decks constructs wood decks and composite decks. The business has earned a reputation for customer satisfaction through impeccably constructed decks that are durable and look good. It offers clients a no-cost estimate. Customers are assured of a quick response and a value-for-money job.

According to announcements released by Harrisburg Decks and Gerald Carter, the deck contractors from this business have the expertise and experience to construct decks that exceed a client’s expectations. The decking specialists from Harrisburg Decks design and build composite decks and wood decks. They are qualified and certified and ensure that the finer details of a well-made deck stand out. Their work is backed by a strong guarantee.

Wood is a popular decking material in Dauphin County, PA. With regular maintenance in cleaning, polishing, painting, sealing, and staining, wood can last for up to two decades. 

Harrisburg Decks uses pressure-treated wood that does not rot. Lumber costs less than composite and gives a classic look that improves with time.

Composite decks installed by Harrisburg Decks are almost maintenance-free and last longer than wood decks. They are impervious to attacks by insects and mild. The decks, made from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers, present a cool surface even under the sun.

Harrisburg Decks offers free, no-obligation quotes for its wooden and composite decking solutions. The compnay understands that property owners are willing to spend a good deal of money on this upgrade and expect quality work. They build decks that last for decades and increase the value of a property. The decking experts from this business build safe decks that families and guests can enjoy with no risk. 

Winters in Pennsylvania can be harsh, and Harrisburg Decks factors the region’s weather in its choice of materials and finishing for the decks. Customers can check its portfolio of deck constructions to get a sense of the business’s abilities and comfort with offering bespoke decking solutions.

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Gerald Carter of Harrisburg Decks said, “No matter when your deck was built, there are many awesome deck add-ons that you can utilize to make your deck even more fun to be on. We’ll first mention a deck accessory known as deck lighting. 

You can put solar lighting up. By installing these lights on your deck, you can bathe in some soft lighting in the evening, so you have light when the sun is no longer out. You can have the lights powered by traditional electricity from your home utility or save on costs. Ensure you properly light up any areas of your deck where steps are so that nobody falls and injures themselves. No matter what kind of accessories and customizations you’re looking for, Harrisburg Decks has you covered.

Those aren’t the only deck enhancements available to you. Other things include lattices, boxes in which to put flowers, a bench that stores towels, etc. If you have dogs and don’t want them to go underneath the deck for whatever reason, a lattice is a great way to keep them out. It also looks really good and can be painted any color you’d like. 

You can also beautify your deck with flowers, tomato plants, etc. If you want any of these extras, trust the top deck builders in the Harrisburg region to build them into your new deck.”

About the Company:

Harrisburg Decks has more than two decades of combined experience fashioning decks for customers in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. It constructs sturdy decks that actualize a customer’s vision for outdoor space where one can enjoy with family and friends.

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