Zerothermo Vacuum Glass – Helping Building Energy Conservation

July 26 18:17 2022

With the continuous and rapid development of global industrialization, energy and environmental problems have become the focus of the world’s attention. The consumption of traditional fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels has increased the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and the pollution has become much more serious.

In order to keep up with the general trend of energy saving and emission reduction, and solve the application of traditional thermal insulation materials in construction, cold chain, high temperature insulation and other fields at the same time, Zerothermo Team has developed vacuum glass for construction. Vacuum glass is a deep-processed glass product composed of two pieces of glass. There is a support (micro) between the glass layers, the glass periphery is sealed with solder (inorganic material), the cavity is evacuated (0.01Pa), and a suction is placed in the cavity. (guarantee vacuum life).

Vacuum Glass Structure Diagram

5TL+0.2V+5T Vacuum heat transfer coefficient U=0.51 W/(m2·K)

Remarks: 5TL—5MM thick LOW-E glass / 5T—-5MM thick white glass / 0.2V—0.2MM thick vacuum layer

Vacuum glass performance advantages

Long service life: All raw materials are inorganic materials anti-aging, more than 50 years.

Vacuum layer: protect the LOW-E glass film layer.

Thin thickness: the thickness of two pieces of glass, saving frame material

Good performance: low heat transfer coefficient, energy saving, anti-condensation, good lighting, sound insulation

Vacuum Glass Application

Construction Industry: Doors, Windows, Curtain Walls,

Lighting Roofs Solar Industry: Solar Power

Home appliance industry: freezer wine cabinet

Facility Agriculture: Greenhouses

Transportation Industry: Vehicles and Vessels

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