How To React Work Management Drag And Drop In Listview Dashboard With Tracup?

July 04 17:22 2022
Drag and drop is a part of most graphical user interfaces react work management, let’s dive into the full range of Tracup’s task capabilities and learn how to easily create, manage and review task settings in Tracup listview dashboard. Some cool styles even drag and drop any files, such as images, videos, documents, URLs, and code blocks, to create tasks.

Drag and drop is a functionality by which users can select an object or a section of text and can move it to the desired location and “drop” it there. The list viewing dashboard Tracup is one of the most famous views used to react to and track your tasks. List view is a required task view provided at every level of the Tracup hierarchy.

Let’s dive into the full range of Tracup‘s task capabilities and learn how to easily create, manage and review task settings in the Tracup listview dashboard to react to work management drag & drop.

Open The List View Dashboard

Firstly, let’s start from the list view and check all of the work. Users need to make sure they have selected a list view of the dashboard.


Filter Scheme In Tracup List View

To see everything that is assigned to users. They need to filter assignees only for their names. This activates me filtering all my task assignments in one place. And this mode only makes the change for the user’s account.


Three Basic Options In Tracup List View Dashboard

If they hover over a task’s name three options will appear. Firstly, users can change the priority of tasks.


Secondly, users can also change the types of tasks.


Also, users can rename the task this is the quickest way to change the task’s name.

Let’s go ahead and rename one of the tasks.


Users will be working with another team member on this task. So they need to add that person to their task as an assignee.

Click on the assignee plus sign-in list view and search for their name just click and now they’re assigned.


Display Or Hidden Relevant Field In Tracup

If users cannot see any assignee option here, just click the plus sign at the top right and select the relevant field, then it shows.


Next, let’s update our due date on this task, just click on the calendar icon in the column to the right of the task name and select a new due date from the drop-down.

Drop And Drag in Tracup

Tracup also supports drag and drop on the Tracup page. In Tracup, users can directly drag and drop their documents or files to the board, and the files will automatically embed in Tracup‘s website also there will be a task named by the file’s name. Some cool functions even drag and drop any file, such as images, videos, documents, URLs, and code blocks, to create tasks.


Creating a new field by just drag files couldn’t be easier. This article has taught users some tips to operate the Tracup list view, and more importantly, the drag and drop function. If you still have other questions about this video, contact us here.

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