Welcome to the New Age of Mac and Cheese

February 01 22:48 2022
Brozzian Spices Launches Their New Mac and Cheese Line with a Variety of Flavors to Complement Their Easy-To-Use Gourmet Seasonings.

Brozzian Spices, a manufacturer of gourmet food products since 2015, has released their newest innovation: Flavored Mac and Cheese. While complementing their existing seasoning line, their mac and cheese features seven distinct flavors, each of which is more akin to a restaurant dish rather than something that comes out of a package.

Their “New Age” Mac and Cheese contains multiple changes on the classic arrangement that many people grew up on. The most noticeable of which are the change in pasta and the seven different flavors. Rather than the traditional macaroni or shells, they use mini penne pasta. Not only is the pasta more filling, but it also holds the cheese better, and they use more cheese than nearly all of their competitors. This provides a richer and heartier flavor in each bite, and with seven different flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder this new mac is making such a stir. Each flavor is creative and interesting such as their Campfire Mac & Cheese, which Brozzian describes as a smoky, robust take on classic mac and cheese—reminiscent of a summer night’s campfire.

While the classic milk and butter recipe will seem familiar, there is a twist: not only do they call for more milk—achieving a creamier sauce—but they call for a fraction of the standard amount of butter, allowing their flavors to shine without adding unnecessary calories.

This new mac and cheese line is launched alongside a vast Gourmet Seasoning line, which Brozzian has been adding to steadily over the past six years. The seasonings focus on versatility and ease-of-use, and even list suggestions on the bottle for what each seasoning works well with. Many customers praise this, noting that the hard part has been taken care of. With 18 different options, it does seem there is a seasoning for every occasion.What goes into their products matters a lot to the team at Brozzian Spices. They never use any artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives in their products. They only use the highest quality cheddar cheese for their mac and cheese, and each of their seasonings comes with a lower salt content than their competitors. In addition to less salt, each seasoning has no preservatives, MSG, or additives of any kind.

Helping people cook gourmet food at home is only part of what Brozzian Spices does to help, since a portion of each order placed through their website goes to both Feeding America and PetSmart Charities. These charities help feed the hungry families and pets in America.

Brozzian also ensures that it gets there fast, with all orders shipping out within 1-2 business days, some even shipping out same day. They ship throughout the entire United States as well as Canada, offering free shipping over $40 to the contiguous US.Brozzian’s mac and cheese and seasonings will not only make meals easier to create, they will enhance the flavor and quality of the food that comes out of anyone’s kitchen.

See for yourself at: https://brozzian.com/.

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