The Hollywood Solar Pros Launch New Website To Kickoff New Year

February 01 16:42 2022
The Hollywood Solar Pros Launch New Website To Kickoff New Year

The Hollywood Solar Pros have begun 2022 by investing the time and resources into a new website aimed at helping to increase their online presence. Recent years have highlighted the importance of having a website and presence on the internet for all businesses, even solar energy companies. With a new website up and online, the next step is to promote the company on social media platforms and reach people who are excited about gaining their energy independence. The Hollywood Solar Pros’ goal in 2022 is to finish the year with significant growth, with the majority of that growth is due to the new internet marketing and social media campaigns.

The Hollywood Solar Pros help connect homeowners to highly qualified and reputable solar energy contractors, helping homeowners and business owners save money by generating clean and renewable energy. The entire range of solar energy services is offered, including solar panel installation and solar energy financing

The Hollywood Solar Pros plan to promote that 2022 is the final year to take full advantage of solar tax incentives. The 26% tax deduction available to solar homeowners drops to 22% in 2023 and then 0% in 2024 and beyond. 

Jonathan, a representative of the Hollywood Solar Pros, had this to say about going solar in 2022, “There are many homeowners that are interested and seriously considering making a move to solar in the future. But most of these people are unaware that a large incentive to go solar will be gone in the near future. The 26% tax deduction saves the typical homeowners in south Florida around $7k. We plan to ensure everyone is aware of this fact; there is no time like the present to move towards going solar. In south Florida, going solar is a no-brainer; after all, Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason.” 

For homeowners in the area interested in going solar, be sure to visit the website of the Hollywood Solar Pros. Free estimates and proposals are offered for all solar panel installation projects. 

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