Devon Wyatt-Brown Of Work-At-Home Diva Shares More Resources To Debunk Work-At-Home Myths

February 01 16:36 2022
Remote working advocate, Devon Wyatt-Brown, adds more resources to her online Work-At-Home Diva library to help more professionals across industries to secure WFH opportunities in 2022

Devon Wyatt-Brown is reiterating her commitment to helping millions of people land the right work at home jobs with relative ease as she shares more vital information on her Work-At-Home Diva library. The platform has been updated with short informational videos cutting across the mystery surrounding work-at-home jobs.

My mother had a massive stroke when I was in college. I had to drop out to be a full-time caregiver but I also needed to work. This was back in 2010 when working from home was barely heard of. It wasn’t easy because there is a lot of unnecessary nonsense surrounding remote working (job scams, skeptical employers, not understanding the technical requirements etc). But it was 100% worth it, when I was able to get good employment, without leaving my mother by herself or having to spend everything I earned on caregivers. Remote working really saved me. That’s why I created People would always say to me I wish I could work at home and I would say you can! anybody can with basic computer skills can work from home. Now since the pandemic, the number of remote and work from home jobs has increased 60%. And this is in all industries, healthcare, education, sales, customer service, administration, legal and more.” – Devon Wyatt-Brown.

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in the “new normal,” which included the massive adoption of remote work. Despite the increasing popularity of WFH, millions of people still struggle to land the ideal job that fits that skill set. However, Devon Wyatt-Brown aims to change this narrative as she dissects working from home, exploring the necessary resources to succeed in the work-from-home employment industry.

Devon Wyatt-Brown offers a comprehensive guide that covers everything from designing a captivating resume to setting up a functional workspace at home and even identifying a scam. She also highlights the top skills needed before starting a remote job, the specifications of gadgets, and a detailed spreadsheet of over 100 companies hiring remote workers with direct links to their hiring pages as well as the jobs offered.

The comprehensiveness of the solutions offered by the Work-at-Home Diva team makes the brand the ideal partner for persons looking for work-at-home jobs.

For further information about Work-at-Home Diva and the plethora of resources offered, visit – Work-at-Home Diva can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

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