Eric Singleton Consulting, a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency consultancy, opens a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah

February 01 20:39 2022
The company is helping its clients tap a new demographic through their expertise

Salt Lake City, Utah – Eric Singleton Consultancy, a first-of-its-kind crypto and business consulting firm, has announced the opening of its new office in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company provides business consulting to firms across the country and specializes in helping firms strategize and execute their cryptocurrency strategy to reach a broader customer base and expand their footprint in their respective industries. 

Eric Singleton, President of the firm and a graduate in Economics from the University of Utah along with a Law degree from the University of California, said, “Some of our current clients are using crypto to gain access to new demographic groups. We help our clients understand why some successful businesses undertake a cryptocurrency strategy. We also serve a unique market in advising law firms and lawyers about the process and purpose of incorporating cryptocurrency payments into their practice.” 

Crypto enables access to new capital and liquidity pools through traditional investments that have been tokenized, as well as to new asset classes. One recent study found that up to 40% of customers who pay with crypto are new customers of the company, and their purchase amounts are twice those of credit card users.

While some clients start using cryptocurrency to venture into a new demographic and acquire new customers, some firm clients have integrated cryptocurrency into their internal strategy. “For some of our clients, utilizing cryptocurrency furnishes certain options that are not available with traditional currency. For example, programmable money can enable real-time and accurate revenue-sharing while enhancing transparency throughout the organization.” Eric added. 

A well-defined cryptocurrency strategy spurs internal awareness about this new technology. Some firm clients have introduced new bonus and incentive programs for their employees and executives based on cryptocurrency. It positions companies as forward-thinking, progressive employers in the market. “Since the technology is new and its understanding is limited, we are also committed to consulting our clients to understand the potential volatility and risk associated with cryptocurrencies.” He further added.

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