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February 01 17:27 2022

Corite is a platform built to aid artists overcome barriers to entry. For creatives who seek to create, expand, interact, and, transact with their communities in the cryptosphere more intimately.

Artists can release their music and acquire funding to increase reach and establish a shared success with their fans by unlocking the full potential of a community-driven project on Corite.

Corite is a start-up founded in Sweden in 2018 and is focused on music, technology, and innovation with a distinct approach to funding artists.

The platform encompasses the power a community has over an individual through letting fans invest in music and earn a share of the streaming profits, becoming an integral part of the journey from conceptualization to implementation.

This Play To Earn (P2E) model benefits all members of the ecosystem an artist creates around themselves by incorporating blockchain features with added security, transparency, high-speed payments and low transaction fees.

The Corite platform allows users to gain support for new releases and utilize the money raised for more effective marketing and fan engagement.

Artists gain free distribution and have full control over their royalty advance while sharing the remaining streaming revenue with backers who love and support the music they invested in.

Corite provides daily analytical data on worldwide streaming of music to all users increasing transparency and truly allowing the experience to be shared by all involved. Fans can aid artists to drive songs they love to chart-topping hits.

The Corite platform is built and supported on the Chromia blockchain network because it boasts low transaction fees and high scalability for FT3 standard token NFT’s.

Corite successfully helped launch Emery Kelly’s first NFT collection, ‘Emotions’, further exploring new ways of innovating to combine music and art in the digital work in the sector.

Currently more than 150 campaigns with millions of streams are operating on Corite including artists such as Danny Saucedo, Sabina Ddumba, Kid Travis and King Charles.

Corite is collaborating with platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Shazam, Youtube music, and TikTok showcasing the global reach they have established in the last four years.

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