Legendary Singers’ Vocal Method Secrets – #1 Int’l Bestseller Faith Powers Unveils the Quantum Vocalist Singing Method

January 31 22:39 2022

Los Angeles, California, USA – January 31, 2022 – Faith Powers has now released her book, The Quantum Vocalist: The Singer’s Formula to Vocal Balance and Bliss, which rocketed to #1 International Bestseller ranking within just days. Powers shares decades worth of research and practice that she has put into perfecting the human vocal ability. Her method has helped improve the voices of many celebrated artists, as well as renowned public speakers, authors and 500 corporate leaders who wanted to add more confidence and impact to their speaking voices.

Powers states the intention of her book is to help those millions of people who want to achieve the same vocal brilliance as the world’s top celebrities… but with a twist! This book is designed specifically to support those who want to use the gift of their voice as an instrument of spiritual inspiration in a non-denominational context. In this way, they help their audiences feel enlivened, captivated and motivated to deepen their connection with God. Powers believes that every human voice is holy, and the world can be unimaginably better through the power and beauty of singing.

The Quantum Vocalist method shares a highly transformational approach towards vocal enhancement that improves not only the singing voice but also develops speech quality and overall vocal presence. This distinctive method relies on intuitive development to guide each person on their unique path to vocal excellence. This is applied, instead of injecting the same rules to every person’s unique individual vocal makeup.

Powers uses science-backed Quantum vocal tools to enhance people’s innate vocal capabilities so they can achieve rapid lyrical improvement all while strengthening their connection with divinity. Powers reveals the world-class methods that cultivate the art of singing as a spiritual expression that helps them find a higher purpose in life. A person can discover the gift of their beautiful voice from the divine, and in turn, can offer it back to the source through the power of song.

Faith Powers is an innovator who helps others uncover their inner natural vocal prowess. She believes that if a person can speak, they can sing. Being a gifted vocal coach, she can astutely detect vocal aptitude in a person simply with hearing one sung note. Using this intuitive savvy, she has the uncanny ability to help a singer accelerate through the learning curve.

Powers believes that a voice, which is cultivated and has harnessed positivity and, most of all, for divinity, can also heal a person’s mind and soul, which equates to a remarkable and phenomenal life experience.

Powers donates 100% of the profits from this book to charity that in turn helps underprivileged children & youth find the happiness through sacred singing.

Buyers of the book are spreading the word to get this book into the hands of those who want to sing better for God and in the process, find a deeper and more meaningful purpose in life.

Many high-powered personalities have trained with Powers. Their successes serve as testaments to Faith’s research and her unique outlook. Faith Powers is available for interviews.

The Quantum Vocalist: The Singer’s Formula to Vocal Balance and Bliss is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09J35XZWL

About Faith Powers: http://www.bestsellingauthorsinternational.com/authorfaithpowers

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