The Stigma around Laser Hair Removal for Men Must be Addressed, Says Medical Aesthetic Chain

January 24 10:56 2022
The Stigma around Laser Hair Removal for Men Must be Addressed, Says Medical Aesthetic Chain

There is overwhelming research that demonstrates social stigma associated with men’s grooming, in particular hair removal. A Canadian medical aesthetic chain is determined to help address this and break down unhealthy stereotypes and misconceptions.

Canada MedLaser Clinics is drawing attention to the need to challenge outdated gender constructs around body hair removal. While women are pressured into removing it, men on the other hand are looked down upon for doing so. The chain claims that they have seen a constant increase in men accessing laser hair removal services in the last several years, however, this is highly dependent on social environments and locations.

Further emphasizing this, a key spokesperson has stated ‘It goes without saying, unfortunately, that body hair has been policed by society for decades. For men, removing body hair beyond the face is often perceived as coming at the cost of their masculinity. Influential publications such as the New York Post have reported that more than half of men feel ashamed of their body hair and have avoided activities such as going swimming or to the gym as a result of it. This demonstrates the impact the social stigma has on men, either gay or straight – on one hand, they are reticent to removing their body hair because of the potential societal stigma, and on the other, they feel uncomfortable in their bodies which has mental and self-esteem implications. It is time this stopped and we encouraged everyone to access whatever grooming and beautifying services they feel they need in order to make them more comfortable and happier in their bodies.’

The company has been providing hair removal services as well as skin procedures and other aesthetic treatments since 2014, and their compassionate, inclusive approach has propelled them to become a highly regarded entity in the space for all clientele, regardless of gender.

‘Our ultimate goal has always been ensuring our clients are happy and confident in their bodies, regardless of what that means on a case-by-case basis. It is outrageous that, as a society, in 2022, we are still putting people in boxes and shame them for accessing particular grooming services. It is no one’s place to decide that laser hair removal is only for women, and I am proud our company is taking a much needed stance on this issue.’

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