HGVT Offers Class 2 Driver and CPC Course Training Centre in the UK

December 07 00:45 2021
HGVT Offers Class 2 Driver and CPC Course Training Centre in the UK

The special vehicle industry requires a level of upgrade and professionalism before drivers would be allowed to function in that industry. Beyond being able to drive lorries and trucks with extra sizes and weight on UK roads, drivers need to be trained to fit in this career, which is rewarding, considering that there is a huge demand for them. It is thus a given, to get Class 2 Driver and CPC course training, to fit in this highly professional industry.

One of the reputed drivers training centres that focus on training for the Class 2 Driver and CPC course training in the UK, is HGVT, and for years, they have maintained this reputation as the leading centre for drivers who intend to up their professionalism in the industry.

Unequalled Class 2 Driver Training 

HGVT provides top-tier Class 2 Driver training to drivers to upgrade their professional driver status or begin their HGV driving career, in a fast-paced industry. With a reputation for delivering quality and industry-focused training, they have maintained a track record of excellence that immediately postures them as the go-to training centre for people needing world-class Class 2 training.

Responding to a query, HGVT spokesperson commented, “We offer a world-class, yet, highly unequalled Class 2 Driver training to drivers who intend starting a journey to driving a set of vehicles we could term rigid body vehicles – those you usually would see transporting goods across the country, or across Europe. Getting this training, and by extension, the licence expands the range of vehicles drivers can drive on UK roads, which include, but are not limited to trucks, bin lorries, and much more. Without mincing words, getting this licence increases the income of drivers who qualify, and at HGVT, our quality training helps drivers in more ways than one, to be successful in their quest for a better life, and for career development”.

“Standard CPC Certification for Professional Drivers”

The influence of HGVT in the industry where they offer service also extends to providing standard CPC certification to UK drivers, especially to the category of drivers operating bin or articulated lorries, buses, coaches, or heavy construction equipment. HGVT offers the best and the simplest training modules, delivered by expert trainers with years of teaching and industry experience. Their CPC course details emanate to fit the demands of the industry, specifically, to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users. 

The spokesperson further added, “We are known for providing standard CPC training and certification. We make a point to stay in focus of these regulations, to ensure that our drivers receive the training required to remain in compliance. We take great pride in the accuracy, the attention to detail, and the completeness of the training programmes we offer, as they are one of the best in the industry where we offer service. Helping drivers in their careers is our core strength, and we have not waned doing so”.

CPC Training from the UK’s Largest Provider of HGV, LGV, and PCV Training

HGVT is among the UK’s largest providers of HGV, LGV, and PCV training, with the capacity to train over 200 people per month. Getting CPC training from their centre guarantees efficiency and success in the industry, considering their reputation of paying special attention to each driver. 

With experience training for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, for instance, HSS Hire, Hackney Council, Enterprise PLC, DHL, the DWP, and Job Centre Plus, their Driver CPC training course remains the best curated for such training, and drivers can rest assured of getting nothing short of excellence.

Organisations and individuals who need more information about their training program can head on to their website, www.hgvt.co.uk, for more detail.

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