Bajêr unveils Swiss-made watches that offer a progressive lens into the Kurdish culture and a new story of representation

November 26 04:42 2021
In a bid to connect the Kurdish culture with the rest of the world, leading company Bajêr brings beautiful symbols of expression through impressive watches that reflect the secret language among the Kurdish women.

Bajêr is bent on revolutionizing the industry and redefining standards after unveiling products that offer a refined lens into the Kurdish culture, which is often an underrepresented one historically showcased from the Western perspective.

Mehtap Leyla Turanalp Uysal, company founder and Chief Executive Officer, leads the charge in bringing the artisanal culture of her rural roots with modern designs to form a brand that makes every day an occasion for something extraordinary. Bajêr’s incredible sets of watches are designed to reflect the hidden language among Kurdish women.

Bajêr offers a wide variety of Swiss-made watches that feature breathtaking designs with extreme precision. For example, in the Artemita Collection, the Protection motif, also known as Scorpion (Dupíşk: Akrep), honors the Kurdish woman who wove her wish to protect the household into her rug. Women across the globe can now express their emotions by wearing Bajêr watches.

On the other hand, the Basenia Collection is curated with traditional roman numerals. It contributes a timeless vintage look to any occasion, while the Corduene Collection showcases a double-eyed chronograph with a matte dial finish that lends a smart and sporty impression. Powered by a Chronograph quartz movement, the limited edition Corduene is made with premium materials, including break-resistant mineral glass and 100% hand-crafted leather from Italy.

Those with an eye on a specific motif can look at Bajêr’s wristband section to change up styles. Bajêr has a wide variety of choices in its color palette for both watches and wristbands, all inherited from natural resources in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

Every strap is made by hand in Italy, boasting a unique  Italian-designed look achieved from hand-crafted detailing. Leyla said the team is proud to provide an exceptional, hand-crafted leather wristband that is comfortable, fashionable, and empowering. The Kurdish-inspired motifs and European design represent a combination of resistance against oppression and the joy of growth. 

Leyla said the pandemic and some other unexpected challenges made it difficult for the team during the start-up phase. Still, Bajêr rose to the challenge and successfully launched and expanded its game-changing product line.

Aside from becoming a modern fashion brand capturing the richness of culture and sophistication of Kurdish fashion, Leyla said the company takes style to the next level with curated Kurdish motifs unique to every product, keeping in mind the importance of elevating women through measurable impact.

“We aim to stand out from the market by providing quality products that render peace, empowerment, and new opportunities for the women and children who are supported by the company’s initiatives in the Kurdish region of Turkey,” says Leyla. A portion of our proceeds goes to non-government organizations (NGOs) that help women and children through educational assistance, financial independence, and the community’s overall well-being in the Kurdish region.

Those who want to learn more about Bajêr, its collection of Swiss-made watches, and everything the company stands for may visit the website for more information.

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