Kickstarter campaign introduces one-of-a-kind Volumetric Timepieces with revolutionary 3D dial designs.

November 23 06:39 2021

Volumenzeit is all set to break the dated design norm in the wristwatch world with its out-of-the-box 3D volumetric dial designs.

How about a wristwatch that sports color shifts? Or, a timepiece that shows time in pop-up mode? Sounds interesting, right? Well, a Germany-based watchmaker, Volumenzeit, has recently launched a collection of next-gen wristwatches with innovative volumetric 3D dial designs that assure everything mentioned above, and so much more.

Volumenzeit is geared to inspire the world to break the stereotypical boring norms and welcome a new, innovative change in life and lifestyle. 

“The modern world is living in a boring ‘normal’ bubble where we only have the same stereotypical designs for years. From smartphones to cars, almost everything has been following the same contour and layout. The same goes with wristwatches. Aren’t you bored of those old outdated 2D flat dials? Don’t you think it’s about time we look for some level of change and innovation in your wristwatches? You bet. A lot of people have probably wished for a new kind of wristwatch design but haven’t been able to find it in the existing stagnant market. This is where our innovative Volumenzeit watches with game-changing, handmade ‘volumetric’ 3D dial designs will come to help”, stated Dmitriy, the founder of Volumenzeit Watches.

Speaking on, Dmitriy said that Volumenzeit is driven by the goal to  introduce unique watches that would be unlike all the other existing watches in the current market. 

“We have ditched the old flat 2D textures that we always see in regular wristwatches and rather have replaced them with our eye-catching volumetric dial designs. The ‘volumetric’ quotient immediately enhances the depth of the watches, rendering a real crazy experience with time. Powered by innovative 3D dials, our never-before-seen wristwatches are innovatively designed to make your unique persona pop as well as highlight your individuality. It’s not just a mere wristwatch- but that magic tool that will make you stand out from the rest.”

Interestingly, the Volumenzeit watch collection is coming in as many as 48 style combinations, including 4 types of dials, 4 dial colors, and 3 case colors.  In addition to these, users will be able to choose from various stylish strap combinations and customized engraving options. 

Top features of Volumenzeit watches:

  • Handmade innovative volumetric 3D dials
  • 316L Stainless Steel case
  • Color anodized anti-scratch coating
  • Sapphire Crystal glass
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Swiss Ronda movement
  • 1-year warranty

“The watch design space has long been boring and stagnant and it’s about time we look for a change. Volumenzeit has taken up the baton to bring that much-needed change in the watch design industry and we also want you to be a part of it. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring these revolutionary watches to life and make life more exciting than before.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Volumenzeit wristwatches.

To show your support for the campaign, please go to Kickstarter

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