Klairvius Narcizze unleashing mixtape “Pitch Black”

November 23 06:06 2021

Klairvius Narcizze has just dropped his latest mixtape “Pitch black”.

The dark themed project is the latest from the Perth based rapper, who’s inspired by artists including Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks, and Necro to express occultic and metaphysical references.

Klairvius Narcizze has been fine tuning his rhyming skills since the age of 10. Inspiration was initially drawn from classic greats such as Coolio , Tupac and Skeelo. Over time he was able to develop his own style and now finds himself delving into a more aggressive style of lyrics, and deeper spiritual themes.

Known for his multi syllabic rapping capabilities with intricate rhyme patterns and schemes, Klairvius Narcizze is able to showcase the art of lyricism in its perfect form, especially on “Pitch Black”

“The project represents a current dark occultist like nature/state and the dark references used throughout the project intended to leave the listener engulfed in a mist of eeriness that produces goosebumps. The emotion of anger and rage is brought out throughout the project, and touches a bit on religion too”. – Klairvius Narcizze

“Hunger Pains” accompanied with music video is also set for release too.





Watch “Hunger Pains” below:

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