Examines How a Retractable Bollard Provides Convenient and Effective Security

November 23 05:27 2021 Examines How a Retractable Bollard Provides Convenient and Effective Security

One issue facing a wide variety of businesses, schools, and other sensitive sites is security. Restricting access to sites continues to be crucial as increasing numbers of locations face threats. While gates of various types are commonly used, vehicles are generally able to breach most gates, which means those properties are not secure. One possible solution to enhance a site’s overall security is to install retractable bollards at entry points. If retractable bollards are a part of an overall security plan, one can check it out and better grasp the advantages of this dynamic option.

All Security Plans Must Be Multi-Faceted

Many sites need security measures in place to ensure the safety of the area and the people working there. Construction projects, schools, manufacturing campuses, and other installations all require some level of security. Having adequate security starts with a solid plan that’s individualized to meet the site’s needs. Once a site’s requirements are determined, it’s far easier to choose strategies to meet those needs. Fencing, adequate lighting, cameras, and on-site security personnel are all commonly used to enhance security, according to

Going Beyond the Basics

In many instances, standard fencing, lighting, and other measures won’t provide the level of security a facility needs. Many organizations manufacture sensitive or valuable products that need an extra layer of protection. Government buildings are often targeted, and Vehicle Barriers Elevate Public Safety in Troubled Times at those locations. Bollards allow a site’s security team to effectively prevent any unauthorized entry via normal road access points during emergencies. 

In addition, cameras, motion sensors, and other high-tech equipment are frequently employed to enhance the security of sites like laboratories, government buildings, and even college campuses where threats are anticipated. Companies like Protogetic routinely work with security experts to install appropriate bollards at entry points. That basic step often proves sufficient to prevent unauthorized vehicles from gaining entry to a site. 

Effective Training Enhances Overall Security

One issue that has plagued security efforts in the past is a lack of training. All security personnel must be fully aware of the protocols used when a threat is identified. Communication is a key component of maintaining security at any site, as a lapse in any area may negate other types of options available. Even knowing when to deploy retractable bollards is crucial, as doing so at the wrong time could prevent movement by other security personnel. In other words, taking the time to properly educate all security personnel in the use of on-site systems is vitally important, as misuse of any security system or device could easily disrupt the site’s overall security plan.

Explore All Security Options Now

The first step in enhancing a site’s security is evaluating which steps would provide the most benefit. For example, where and how should cameras or motion detectors be employed? Would the use of retractable bollards at all gates provide the level of protection the site requires for maintaining safety? Once the needs are determined, it’s far easier to move forward with a comprehensive security plan for the site.

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