Buy with a Purpose: Help Cloth the Homeless with Phoenix Pairables

November 22 16:39 2021
For every purchase in their Etsy shop, a shirt, hoodie, hat, or blanket is donated to the homeless.

As someone who has experienced what it’s like to be homeless in the cold streets of South Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christa found comfort within the homeless community, who has accepted her and shown her love when no one else can. And with their help, she was able to experience a spiritual awakening, which allowed her to conquer her addiction and start her journey to sobriety – and now into recovery.

Throughout this journey, Christa never forgot about the homeless community who helped her get through the hardest moments of her life. In an effort to repay them, she founded her own brand Phoenix Pairables, which seeks to help the homeless by donating a shirt, sweater, or blanket with every purchase of their products.

In fact, Phoenix Pairables was named after “Phoenix,” which symbolizes rising from the ashes and triumphantly transforming for the better, and “Pairables” since some designs come with pairable items and each purchase is paired with a donation item.

Phoenix Pairables believes that there is unity in humanity – and that a small purchase can make a huge difference to communities in need.

Join the ripple effect of positivity by buying with purpose at Phoenix Pairables. Check out their products by visiting their Etsy shop at

About Phoenix Pairables

Phoenix Pairables is a Minneapolis-based clothing brand that helps ease the struggles of homelessness with a ripple effect of positivity by donating a shirt, sweater, or blanket with each purchase.

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